Saturday, May 26, 2007

Off We'll Go

Loading Went Fine

Chance didn't jump into the trailer, nor did he jump away. Some gentle persuasion and a nice bucket of feed lured him in just fine. I backed him out, loaded again and called it a night.

So, all should be well this morning. I will lunge him a bit before I go just in case he is recovered. If so, I'll go over to the show anyhow to tell Dr. Klayman he's OK. If not, Chance gets his first trailer ride from home. He came here in a step up stock trailer which is a far cry from a ramp two horse. I am sure he was trailered when he was younger since he moved from the farm where he was born. But you never know what kind of experience that might have been and how it affected him. So far, so good.

It was really hot yesterday. I overheated at school and had to get an ice pack from the nurse. When I got home after another chiropractor visit to get my neck really fixed, I put the fans on in the barn to get some air circulating.

The Boys are already hanging out in the stalls. I know we have mosquitoes and they are not necessarily waiting until dusk to start biting. One gave me a good chomp on the neck at around 5:30. I'm guessing the Boys are getting bitten too.

Once I set the fans up at the stall doors it really helps keep the bugs out. I just feel bad thinking of the poor fellows being trapped inside all the time.

I plan on riding Tucker this morning, doing a quick lunge to check out Chance, and maybe a short ride on Toby. I'll report back about the vet trip and results tonight.

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