Friday, May 04, 2007

Didn't Ride

No Excuses

I just didn't feel like it.

Lovely day. Good footing and the Boys just seemed happy hanging out, so I picked some grass for them as the pasture is still pretty sad, fed them some carrots, and just relaxed.

I did do some grocery shopping on the way home. Bought some apples and the paper goods that were on sale. Nothing special otherwise.

At least with the blog I am keeping a record of my adventures or lack thereof. Sad to say, it looks like I will be needing to mow the lawn again soon. I also unloaded my bags of lime, so that job is looming in the near future.

Chris will not be coming this week for lessons as he didn't have enough people to make the drive worth it. It's fine for now as I am experimenting with Tucker and don't really feel any pressure to make grand progress. I guess my lazy side is coming out.

In the old days, I was an obsessive rider and I worked my horse six days a week. Of course, if I was eventing, keeping him fit was essential. At the lower levels of dressage that kind of fitness is not necessary. If I do move up, though, I will have to be more regular about the training as the muscles needed for the upper level movement become far more critical.

That is one advantage of Thoroughbreds, though. They are fairly easy to get fit and muscle up--at least when they are Tucker's age. The downside is that when they are "on the muscle," they can tend to be more high strung than other horses. But, usually, when I get a horse that far, he is trained well enough that the extra energy is pretty reliably under control.

Chance may be a different story, but that one has time to be written.

In the meantime, I am just kind of goofing off.

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  1. i guess we're all allowed time, off, and friday? we're all too tired, in my view. always hits on friday night!