Friday, December 31, 2010

Three Quarters Isn't Bad

The path I shoveled to the house for the Comcast guy. 

Still In Need of Repair

So, four things were wrong, apparently:  my tractor, the gate, the Internet/Phone connection, and, as it turned out, my cable TV.

I'm pretty sure all but the Internet/Phone connection have been repaired.  Tractor guy was back yesterday AM to fix the fitting.  Gate guys showed up later and repaired my fence/gate. Comcast spent two hours here and fixed my TV cables, but that did not fix the Internet/Phone problem.

Here I was, happily surfing the Web around 6:30 PM, and off went my connection to the Internet and with it, my telephone.  This time I called Comcast on my cell phone while my house phone was out. The troubleshooter told me he was getting a "bad" reading there and that my connection kept "timing out."

At that point, he promised me service, but could not schedule anything because my account was still open from that morning. He promised someone would call me back by 10AM today to let me know when a technician could be here.

I've put in two calls to Comcast (Xfinity) so far this morning, and still no resolution. There is a new trouble ticket in, but no answer yet as to when someone will be here to address the issue.  I will be patient for now, as most of the people I've spoken to on the phone have tried to be helpful and the technician who was here was certainly determined.  He did a lot of rewiring for my cable TV, pretty sure that the bad wires there were affecting the other service.  And, on that he did a beautiful job.  But, it did not fix the Internet connection. The problem is that when he was here the Internet was working perfectly. Whatever is going wrong is intermittent.  I was hoping the data the phone contact got yesterday during my outage would help, but at this point, it's hard to tell if there is internal communication within Comcast to give the data to the right person--the on site technician.

So I wait.

But on the plus side, the gate!!

Here is a close up of the repair.The gray colored bracket is a brand new fabrication to replace the one that was bent.  First a picture before the repair:
Then a picture of the new bracket:
Then a shot of the post reset and one of the gate across the driveway:
This is a drive through bump gate and, surprisingly enough, the horses have so far not tried to pass through it when they have gotten out into the back yard.  The gate can be electrified if needed.   When you hit it with the car, it swings open and then closes behind you.  The company that makes it is Ecklund and you can find them on the Internet.

For you machine addicts, I offer a picture of my now happy tractor with its replaced hoses.
Well, this is supposed to be a horse blog, but somehow all the side adventures that seem to go along with trying to keep up even a little farm have been occupying my time.

So here's a picture of Tucker looking cute just to prove I do have horses here!!
Guess he closed his eyes for the picture, but at least his ears are up!! *G*


  1. they made a good job on that repair, looks as good as new

    and i guess tucker is pleased with the weather if it means he don't have to work ... :-)

  2. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Cute Tucker! Very capable gate repair - it's amazing how anything to do with horses also involves machinery and other equipment.

    Have a very Happy New Year!

  3. That cleared path represents quite a work out. You're ahead of the game on achieving repairs and fixes.I hope the final quarter gets handled. That would be a real cause for bubbly celebration.

  4. Seems like you're getting everything up and running a piece at a time. Good luck with the internet and phone co.

    Tucker looks adorable. Wishing you and your horses and kitties a Happy Healthy New Year!