Sunday, December 26, 2010

And Thus Came the Snow

Church the Christmas Kitty under the fiber optic tree. 

And It's Not Stopping Soon

Dusk is falling the day after Christmas and we are being snowed under by a large coastal storm.

Yesterday, Christmas Day was cold but clear. I went to Ship Bottom, on Barnegat Island, to my cousins' house. We took some time to go out to see the ducks on Barnegat Bay.  I brought some corn to feed them.

The salt water was frozen in places near the shore and a way out into the bay as well.  A few seagulls showed up, but they apparently didn't like the corn too much so for once they did not chase the ducks away from the food as my cousin said usually happened.

This one gull had a big piece of food--either a clam or a doughnut--but he was too far away for us to get a good look.
The storm did not strike here until around noontime.  These pictures were taken a bit after 4 PM, so as you can see the snow is already building up.
I'd just fed the Boys, so they were under the barn roof. But when I went out to feed them, they were standing out in the pasture under the trees.  Not sure where they will spend the night, but I'll be going back out around midnight with a nice hot mash for each of them.  The fuzzy focus is all the falling snow.

And you can see more in this picture. We have plenty if anyone needs some. *G*
Snow shovel on the back porch. Tractor seen there by the barn all ready to go once the blizzard stops.

Just to keep you in the spirit of the season, here's one final view.


  1. Hope you weather the storm OK - bet the boys will appreciate the warm mash.

  2. My horses aren't interested in being in the barn, either. They seem to be enjoying a frolick in the snow. I'm glad some one likes this miserable weather!

    Love the ducks on the bay! You'd think their feet would get cold, but I guess they're pretty hardy. We've got our tractor at the ready also, ready to dig out tomorrow.

    Good luck!

  3. Saw on the news the bad storm you are having, hope all ok

  4. Saw on the news the bad storm you are having, hope all ok

  5. We're getting it too. The herd came in around 4 this afternoon and are all comfy cozy in their stalls for the night. I'm sure your boys will appreciate the hot mash, you're a good mom.

    Liked your pictures of the birds and the bay. Very pretty but I'll bet it was cold. At least you don't have to drive around today and your decorations look very Christmasy. Good luck digging out.

  6. I just read that 18 inches are expected on the NJ coast! That's a lot of snow, So glad I am not flying in or out of the area.

  7. Your storm has been making headlines all over. Stay warm and safe.

  8. Wow, my horse has never seen snow. He'd probably die from shock. Hope its not too bad :D