Monday, December 27, 2010


Tractor Woes

Darn!!! I had the tractor serviced this summer for a hydraulic leak in the front end loader.  All was working well.

Then, I finished one driveway today, let the tractor sit and went out to do the other driveway. Thank goodness the farmer from next door drove in to ask if he could borrow my tractor, because he saw the fluid leaking before I did.  I probably would have gone on using the loader until it stopped and got stuck somewhere.

Looks like another leak in the lines like the first one. Now I think I should have had everything replaced the first time.

The tractor place was closed today, but will open tomorrow morning. I hope I can get the repair truck to come out here.  If not, I'm hoping that perhaps I can drive over there, get some hydraulic fluid and fill the system so I can finish the driveway, and then get the tractor fixed--if they have to take it away to do it.

Bummer, bummer, bummer. I looked to the future and had the darn thing serviced. Who knew it was going to be a problem again?

At least I can get the car/truck out.

Horses are fine. Not too happy with the snow, but they were out playing for a while. Fortunately, they have places to stand outside under the run in roofs.  But I did see them out in the arena at the run in shed out there too, so they were moving about.

I picked out the stalls but did not dump the wheelbarrow yet. I will have to dig a path for it and I just completely ran out of energy at this point.


  1. bummer indeed. and possibly doesn't say much for the service anyway!

  2. That is a bummer. I have so much trouble with the place that fixes my tractor and mule that I'm actually looking for another place next time I need a repair. Hope you can get your tractor co. to come and and fix it soon.

    This snow storm was horrendous and there was a lot of digging out. No fun.

  3. How much snow did you get?

    How frustrating about the tractor! It's so hard to predict these things.