Monday, December 13, 2010

Shiver and Sore

Not Feeling 100% Myself

I have been battling some kind of sinus thing, worrying for the last two weeks whether or not I'd be able to sing for Vespers.  Obviously, I managed, though not without some concern on my part.  Then I woke up this morning with a hint of a sore throat and that "yucky" extra tired feeling.  I don't think I had a fever but I never bothered checking.

I went out and fed the Boys. Frankly, I was a bit surprised at how cold it was. The forecast had suggested temperatures up in the 40's, but I don't think it ever got out of the 30's. Above freezing for the bulk of the day, but with enough wind chill to make it feel like the 20's.

I came in to have breakfast and take some medications, including some Tylenol and decongestant.  I still had that worn out feeling so I thought...aha! What about the terrible tasting metabolic stuff my doctor had me on to help balance my system?  Why that? Because two years ago, when I had a fever for over two weeks, he prescribed several doses of the stuff and I felt a lot better.

So, I took one dose--the stuff is a liquid and tasted absolutely dreadful. It's called Oxygenic D+ by Nutra Spec and is blended to treat dysaerobic metabolic imbalance. Essentially, the body overprocesses oxygen and loses energy. There's a lot a more to it, but that's the basic meaning.  Strangely enough, after about 30 minutes, I took a second dose. In less than an hour, I felt much better.  I've also used the D+ when I 've had an upset stomach, and it again seems to help. Strange stuff. but my doctor told me I could take it when I needed it. Apparently, I needed it.

That gave me the inspiration to go on a mission. My fiber optic Christmas tree was not working. So I  took it apart and took out the light bulb.  All the other parts seemed fine, so I guessed that was the problem.  Lo and behold, I found the proper replacement bulb in Lowe's at my first stop! But, once I was in the shopping corridor of East Brunswick, I couldn't stop there. I visited the newly reopened farmer's market and got some veggies. Then I toured a few other stores spending a bit here and a bit there picking up odds and ends.

I did need milk and tea bags.  The rest of the stuff??  A pair of fleece sweatpants on sale, the video of Shrek 4, some flickering battery operated tea lights on sale, shampoo,  and a container of Christmas popcorn--3 flavors--also on sale.  Obviously, I find it hard to pass up a sale. *G*  Besides I had fun.

When I got home, it was even colder as the temperature had been dropping all day.  I decided to put the winter blankets on the Boys.

Apparently, the brown marmorated stink bugs had decided the blankets were the perfect place to hibernate over the winter.  There were dozens and dozens of the little demons in the folds of each blanket.  Shannon over at "A Work in Progress, " had a good post on the bugs.  I will not repeat her analysis.  Unfortunately, the darn critters have well invaded New Jersey.  I did, however, in my research on grackles find out that they do eat sinkbugs.  Now all I have to do is direct the next hoarde of grackles in the blankets and I'm all set!

I made sure there were no bugs on the inside of each blanket, and dressed the Boys, leaving the bugs on the outside of the blankets to fend for themselves once the cold wind hit them. Serves them right--thinking they could wear my Boys' blankets for the winter. Let them find their own winter clothes.

Pleased to report the new light bulb fixed the tree and it is now merrily glimmering in my front window.  I am quite pleased that I managed to fix the tree myself.

Horsewomen can be very handy when it comes to fixing things.


  1. Ack! I hate stinkbugs! I did not know that the grackles ate them. I think I will be encouraging grackles to visit from now on!

    Glad you're feeling better, colds are nasty things. And I'm glad to hear you got your Christmas Cheer up and running. Although, I'm a little disappointed that the fix didn't involve bailing twine or vet wrap. I only know how to fix things with bailing twine and vet wrap....*L*

  2. Little rascals - thinking they could hijack your horses' blankets! Congrats on fixing the tree. I tried to fix a string of lights yesterday, replacing a burnt out looking light bulb and replacing the fuses but no go.

    What strange medicine, but obviously it worked!

  3. Hope you continue to feel better. It is getting really cold out and we've been having a few snow flurries on and off.

    I don't think we've ever had those nasty little bugs. They sound miserable, serves them right if the cold kills them all.

    Glad you've got your tree fixed and found lots of fun bargains.

  4. Woaw interesting medecine. I need to go to my pharmacy to ask for some immune system booster. But first I am off to my doctor.

    I will research your medecine tho!