Thursday, December 30, 2010

Why I Have Six Blankets

Another Day of Repairs

The tractor repair guy called this morning. He was worried about one of the hose fittings he'd put on my tractor and wanted to drop by to swap it out for a new one. Guess he came right from home because he was here in less than a half hour and fixed the tractor for me. So that was good.

Then Comcast Cable had to be here, so that repair guy was here around 9 AM.  My Internet and phone had been kicking on and off. Turns out some of my cable TV wiring was getting old and was causing some signal disruption.  That took about two hours to fix as he even replaced the line coming up to my TV as well as some of the other wires.  All was well.

When I'd fed the Boys earlier, I found this:
Tucker buns exposed!! This blanket was relatively new and had a storm flap.  As you can see it was pretty well ripped.
Major repairs needed!!

Now you see why, when blankets are on sale, I buy them.  For some reason, I had six brand new ones up in my attic.  (I remember buying one for each Boy, but not two!!)  Now I know why.  Tucker has been "dressed" in this blanket for perhaps a month.  At this rate, I figure I will go through half my stock of replacements before the season is over. *LOL*

Everyone else seems to have avoided the destruction so far.
Toby looked fine beside the makeshift, temporary manure pile.
And Chance looked quite serene gazing out to the snow-covered pasture.

So far the Boys have made paths around the barn area, but I did see a trail going out to the pasture since the storm ended. (They were out there sheltering under the trees at the edge during the early hours of the blizzard. I guess the trees made a decent windbreak.)

They are not the happiest of campers, but they have plenty of hay and water, so that's all the important stuff. And, obviously, they have been playing "Tag."

Seems that Tucker spent most of the game being, "It!"

PS: The 825 guys just came by with my repaired gate. They even reset the post. I'll post pictures tomorrow of the repair work. It's amazing. ( 2 PM, Thursday.)


  1. You need a nanny-cam to watch those bad boys of yours. Great news about your gate.

  2. Anonymous2:32 PM

    Glad the post and gate were repairable - that's good news!

    Your boys are sure hard on their outerwear! I've got a bunch of extra blankets, but most of them don't fit either Pie or Dawn.

  3. When Fawkes ws being turned out with the herd I used to have to buy several blankets a year! Those boys sure do like their games of tag :)

    Glad the gate was repaired and hope you guys don't get another huge snowfall for a long time!

  4. Everything seems to be going well and you're on a roll with repairs!

    We go through a lot of blankets too. When they get bored "tag" is a good way to spice things up a little. We've been lucky so far this year, no one has their buns exposed yet. Thank goodness, must have been a little chilly at Tucker's back end until the repair to his blanket.

  5. Funny how some horses can make a blanket last for years, not damage it a bit, and some horses will rip one to shreds in a day!

    I hope Amber isn't one of those blanket destroyers next year when she gets her winter blanket.

  6. Those naughty boys!