Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Still Cold

But I'm Getting Better

Not much to report here. My cold is getting better, finally. I still have a cough and some congestion, but each day there is some improvement.

I was going to put the lights up on the barn this afternoon, but when I plugged them in, of course, they did not work.  I have some extra lights for the garland, but the star was a goner--or so I thought. I finally sat down and took a look at it and found two broken wires in the strand of lights.

Ms. Fixit to the rescue!! I stripped the insulation off the ends of the broken wires, twisted the copper together and then taped it with electrical tape.  Plugged it in and, voila!! Once again I have a Christmas Star for the barn.  It's still not the best star in the world, but in short order I had it, the garland and the new lights up and lit for the evening.

All the hanging out at the barn was done under the close supervision of Chance.  He spotted me on the ladder and made sure I had all the connections set up right.  I am hoping the bows and lights are too high for him to reach....They do not need modifications.

He was also out in the front paddock making sure I put the garbage and recyling out properly.

I made sure I spent a good while with him scratching his chin and telling him what a lovely boy he was.  I also mentioned that if it was a bit warmer or at least not so windy tomorrow, that perhaps we could go on a trail ride.

Now I have a promise to keep.


  1. Anonymous6:35 PM

    I like a horse who supervises work properly!

    Glad you're feeling somewhat better.

  2. Obviously, it didn't work the first time because you didn't have the appropriate snoopervision! I'm glad to hear that Chance took it into his capable hooves and made sure it was done right.

    I honestly don't know how I got things done before I had horses on my property...

    Enjoy your trail ride. I find that fresh, cool air is just the tonic for congestion!

  3. I hope you feel well enough to have a nice trail ride tomorrow. Glad you got your lights up and star fixed. It's amazing how much we need to depend on our horses to help us out when we're a little stumped. Chance seems like a real wiz with this electrical stuff, great snooperviser.

  4. Snoopervising! Very cute and so friendly.

    Back to the decorations - it's not the biggest, brightest star that matters - what matters is that it's yours and it's your own tradition.