Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rainy Day For Vespers

Things Went Pretty Well

It rained pretty hard off and on today.  I didn't mind not having the time to ride as it was not weather conducive to equine pursuits.

Church service in the AM was a little hard as I kept looking out into the congregation to the spot where Dawn used to sit--she had stopped singing in the choir where she sat right next to me during her chemo treatments.  Every time my eyes reached that spot, I choked up.

Vespers, however, was much easier.  The choir did a pretty good job, considering the lack of rehearsal time and the change of accompanist/director.  We're a competent group of singers, but we all agreed we could have used some more practice time on some of the numbers.  I had two solo parts and one counter melody descant thing and did a passable job. I'm my own worse critic, so hard for me to tell if it was really good or not.

After the service, we went to someone's house and had a nice quiet dinner with a group of nine which included the couples two children.

So the first phase is over for now. Funerals and such next week for Dawn. As well, I may have to soon face some kind of services for my aunt who passed away at age 100 out in Oregon.  The family may bring her back here to NJ for burial alongside her husband, so that is yet to be decided.

Not the happiest Christmas season I've been through.

On the other hand, considering what Britain, Europe,  and parts of the US Midwest have been experiencing  regarding precipitation in the form of those white crystalline flakes, I can perhaps be grateful for rain instead. At least I don't have to shovel it.


  1. The day sounds like a hard one. Sorry to hear about your aunt, but 100 is quite a number. She must have seen a lot in her lifetime and been an interesting person to talk to.

    We've had some monsoon rain up here with howling winds. Glad it finally stopped, but as you say at least there was no shoveling involved. Guess there's a silver lining behind every cloud?...

  2. Anonymous6:08 AM

    It sounds like a lovely service, although it must be hard missing Dawn. Your aunt lived to a ripe old age, and it must be hard to lose yet another person at this time of year.

  3. sorry for your loss; but 100 is a good old age! i had a great aunt live to that age