Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weekend Passes

Full Up

A cold winter weekend comes to an end.

The memorial service for Dawn was Saturday, and it was really beautiful. Her husband read some wonderful passages from the bible that had great meaning for Dawn and him.  Afterwards, I went to Dawn's daughter's house for a light meal with the family.  I stayed for quite a while and came home drained of energy.

Needless to say, it was too cold to work the Boys. It was supposed to warm up over the weekend, and, although it was higher than the 20's we've been having, the low 30's were not warm enough to thaw the ground.  I could go out on a trail, but I just had no urge to do anything.

Sunday morning brought church. I did manage to sing the Introit, Anthem and Amen pretty well, taking it really easy on the hymns. My voice is on the edge, coming and going at will because of the cold. Fortunately, I do not have to perform again until next Sunday, so I have time to recover.

But I did go to my friend Bart's party in the afternoon and into the evening.  It was a Christmas carol sing. I sang--off and on.  Between coughs and sips of rum punch. Apparently alcohol worked a little. Maybe it killed the germs!  Anyhow, I just got home and it's nearly 8 PM.  I was a bittersweet evening, but I was glad I was there.

I am going to give the Boys a hot, wet late night snack again.  I did last night and added some apples, so they were quite happy. As I've said before, I'm not sure it really makes a difference to keeping them warm but they do seem to enjoy it.  I also like the idea of giving them a super soggy meal to assure they are getting some extra water in the cold weather.  I know Tucker drinks quite a bit as I've seen him at the trough often enough. I'm pretty sure Toby and Chance do too, considering how often I have to fill the tub, but it's always a concern.

Today, because of the party, I fed the Boys early.  Toby and Tucker were in the barn, nibbling on their hay. Chance was off by himself all the way out in the pasture, nibbling on the imaginary grass.  I hope there hasn't been some kind of dispute in the herd with Chance the odd "man" out, but he didn't seem at all upset.  He is kind of an independent fellow anyhow, which is actually kind of good.   He's never concerned about leaving the property to go on an adventure and he doesn't seem to mind being left behind.  I guess he has a lot of self-confidence.

At any rate, once I called him in for dinner, he was right there, so no big deal.  He just sauntered on in as if he didn't have a care in the world.

Maybe he really doesn't have a care in the world. For a horse, that's pretty darn good, I think.


  1. Anonymous9:27 PM

    No cares in the world? Your horses have a good life - something for the rest of us to live up to.

  2. I think none of our horses have a care in the world. And why should they, all of them get the best of care and feed and love. I sometimes wonder if they know how spoiled they are.:)