Monday, December 06, 2010

A Bit Brisk

If It Weren't for The Wind

Might've been a fairly nice day if not for the wind. It was cold, in the 30'sF, but not intolerable.  The sun was in and out and we had snow flurries off and on.  But the wind bit right through.

I spent the bulk of the day indoors. I did go over to my elderly neighbor's house to pick up some of my misdelivered mail and visited for an hour or so. He had many stories to tell of past days and we had a nice long chat. He has a live in housekeeper taking care of him--he is now 88--and she was glad I was there. She told me as I was leaving that she finds it rather lonely out here in the country.  Guess I need to stop in now and then.

It was kind of fun to see the Boys out in the pasture from their windows.  The fencing is right behind their house and apparently the Boys are quite the entertainment.  While I was there Tucker and Chance were in and out of the pasture several times. Not sure what that's all about.  There isn't much grass at this point, so they go out to nibble for a while and then rocket off back to the barn area.  Maybe it's some kind of relay race.

Not sure the ground ever thawed out during the day as it was frozen overnight. I must admit I didn't go out to the arena to check the footing.

Guess I'll just have to see how the week goes as far as riding is concerned.


  1. Anonymous7:16 PM

    Nice that you were able to visit and spend some time with your neighbor - my dad is 89 and I know would appreciate a visit like that.

  2. I love visiting neighbors! However, it is hard to find the time most days. So nice that the boys entertain them. I would love to see horses out my windows!

  3. No wind, and it is getting warmer up to 11 degrees centigrades on thrusday, but then a BIG freeze again.

  4. we'll have some of that 30 degrees, jean, would be warm compared to here, LOL. but at least we've no wind with it (yet..)