Thursday, December 16, 2010


Cold, Cold

Really cold again today with a bit of wind.  And my cold is not being  kind to me. I actually felt better today, but my cough is really nagging. Hoping I get over it soon.

Too cold to do anything with the Boys. They spent a good part of the day in the stalls, from the looks of them. I'll have some more serious cleaning to do tomorrow.  Aside from staying in to eat their hay, I'm guessing they wanted to stay out of the wind.

The best thing was, though, going out for midnight feed. I'd brought their filled buckets in earlier and had soaked some beet pulp in with their pellets.  Before I went out to feed, I put enough nice hot water in each bucket to make it nice and wet.

Then, I had the wonderful pleasure of staying out in the barn for a while just listening to all three Boys slurp up their snacks. I love to hear horses eating anyhow, but the wet feed just makes for an even nicer sound.  Content and happy horses enjoying a good meal makes me happy and content.

I doubt the "non horse" world could ever understand. But I know you readers do!


  1. I also LOVE listening to the horses eat in the barn at night. It's one of the most peaceful times of life, to me.

  2. Anonymous6:21 AM

    I love the sound of horses eating too, especially when they're chewing hay and making soft shuffling noises. I've often thought someone should make an "environmental" tape of these sounds and sell it to use horsey people!

    Glad your cold is a bit better.

  3. I think all us horsey people love the sounds of horses eating. Especially, a good slurpy warm mash.

    Hope your cold gets better soon.