Friday, December 17, 2010

More of Same

Could've Worked Today
The Principal of the school where I subbed called this morning asking if I could come in. I had to turn him down because of this darn cold.  I am at the coughing stage and just feel crummy and tired.

Ah, well. It would have been nice.

I mostly sat and lay around all day after I took care of the Boys in the morning.

But then, I had $50 worth of coupons to spend at the feed store before they expired on the 19th.  Since Dawn's memorial service is tomorrow and I have church and a luncheon on Sunday, that pretty much left today as the only sure time to spend them.

I got some feed, alfalfa cubes, and shavings--still spending  a good bit of real cash, but I'm set for a while again.  I usually have to stock up on the alfalfa cubes before the feed runs out, but that's no big deal.

In other news, the girl who bred Chance posted a picture of both Chance and his mother on her Facebook page.  I have to share his mom's portrait.  It's a little fuzzy, but you can see her coloration and general body build.  Her name is Sundance.
And here is the Boy himself.  I suspect with the same lighting, their chestnut colors would be similar.  Like mom, Chance is considered a paint, but he only has a little white spot on his flank. But it looks like his blaze came from mom.

I've shown you his dad before, but as a remiinder:

One more time an example of how important the mare is when breeding.  Please note, Romancer, Chance's father, is 17+ h.  Chance is about 15.3, so even his size is more from mom than dad.

While a good stallion is important, I've read that the mare is usually more dominant in passing characteristics on to the foal.  But there are some stallions that really to "stamp" their get, and I have to suspect those are the ones with higher breeding fees.

I wonder whether Totilas is going to be a dominant sire like that?


  1. Sorry you're still not feeling up to par. But at least you got some good deals with coupons.

    Chances parents are beautiful. No wonder he's such a handsome guy.

  2. A day lying and sitting around is just what you need. These colds take 5-7 to shake.

    How interesting that a foal takes more after the mom than the dad. You can certainly see it here.

  3. wish you to get better soon.

    Today it is MINUS 7 degrees centigrades and all white. We stay in!

    When I saw Chance's Mum I thought she was a paint. I did not know chnce was half paint. Here comes his laid-back temperament!

    What is his Sire? Big horse!

    Yes in France, we believe the mare gives between 60 to 70 % of her characteristics to the foals.
    The broodmare is VERY important.

  4. i nearly always forget about my coupons until they've expired....hopeless!

    shame you had to forego a days work, but no point if you're ill..