Sunday, December 05, 2010

Shopping and Play

I Had a Coupon

I had a 20% off coupon for JC Penney that was only good today. So after church I "hit" the mall--one I hadn't been to in a while. I'd already shopped my more local Penney store and seen a top I liked, but they didn't have it in my size.

Well the farther away store didn't even have the tops except in the Women's department--sizes 1X and up.  Not for me.  I wandered around the store for a while just looking to see if there was anything else I might like or that might make a good present for someone--no luck. Then I "cruised" the rest of the mall, window shopping. It's pretty obvious that I didn't need a thing.

I saw a woman in the store with an armload of clothes. I asked her if she was planning on buying everything, and when she said yes, I gave her the coupon.  She seemed pretty happy, and I was pleased it wasn't going to waste. It was a "share with family and friends" deal, so no fault there.

But on the way out of the mall, I passed Bob's Stores which is a kind of discount on quality brands store and I decided to stop.  There, I found some really nice cardigan sweaters at 2/3 off their original prices.  I ended up buying several for me in some really good colors.  The nice thing about the sweaters is that they have larger buttons and are sporty, so they will go with jeans as well as dressier outfits. I tend to wear either sweaters or jackets all winter so I should get some good use out of them.

I was still a bit windy and rather cold when I got home in the early afternoon.  I decided I'd give Tucker a lunging session instead of riding so I could move around some more and be done quickly if I got too cold.

He wanted no part of it and took off when he saw the lunge equipment. However, he ran into the arena behind Chance and soon I had the two of them corraled in.

That meant it was "playtime!"  They started frolicking and I got the camera for some photo ops.

OK, just how do you get those good action shots?  I have a series of photos with Tucker's hind end passing out of the camera frame.  Then there are some blurs of orange sheet going past.  I'll sort through them to see if any of them are worth posting, but from what I saw in the camera, it didn't look too promising.

Suffice it to say the two Boys were quite silly and really enjoyed the romp.  This time Toby just observed from outside, not at all interested in the game.  We played "chase" for about 15 minutes and then I opened the gate.

Neither Chance nor Tucker hurried out of the arena. They weren't much interested in escaping and probably would have galloped around some more if I'd encouraged them.

But by then it was dinner time, so I fed them and came back inside to warm up.

It's not dreadfully cold--in the upper 30's f.--and the ground is not frozen, but I certainly was. I guess I need to get myself a bit better acclimated to the lower temps.

Winter appears to be getting more serious around here.


  1. Well, I think you need to hire a photography nut. I'd help you out but I don't know any. Ha.


  2. The cardigans sound nice, I'll bet the woman in the store was surprised and happy to get the coupon. I give you lots of credit for going to the mall on the weekend. I wouldn't.

    Your boys are fun, I like to see horses playing and romping around. As for the photography, it's hard to capture a good picture. Especially, when they're action shots. I try to focus on one spot where they may come running through and snap them as they enter the frame. Sometimes it works sometimes not.

  3. Anonymous11:38 AM

    I have trouble with actions shots too - the only time I'm successful is if I follow the action and take lots and lots of photos - I throw 95% of them away but occasionally luck into a good shot.

  4. set the camera to the setting - forget what it's called - where you keep your finger on the button and it keeps snapping away....but never easy.