Sunday, January 02, 2011

Still at Three Quarters

Comcast Not Fixed

Technicain #2 was here yesterday. He was sure he'd found the problem in my "upstream" signal and tightened some more wires.

Once again, after he left, everything was working beautifully.

I went to my annual New Year's Party, came home, worked a bit on the computer, called Stacie to see how her dog was doing--in the vet hospital with a so far undiagnosed fever--and then I fell asleep on the couch.

I woke up around 2 AM, went out to give the Boys their ""midnight snack"  Back in the house, I went to check my email and sure enough, the Internet and phone were not working again.

Comcast has a 24 hour service line, so, using my cell phone, I called in again. We rest the modem, etc. and nothing worked. The tech was really good, but there was nothing he could do except set up another appointment for a service call. They had one for today, but I will be in church for the first "hour" of the window he gave me.  I took the appointment anyhow, hoping I would be home in time for the later three hours.

Here's hoping the tech will be late. Otherwise the next appointment was not until Tuesday.

The phone tech said his mother had had a similar problem and one of the repair people finally found a chewed wire in the line from the pole to the house. Apparently a squirrel had been in action.

I have trees, I have squirrels in the trees. Could be.  I'll certainly mention it whenever my next service tech arrives.

Meantime, I am off and on the Internet at the whim of some mysterious gremlin in my service.


Update: The third Comcast guy just left. Of course, everything was working perfectly again. We are now really confused. But he gave me his personal number to call him if it went out again.  He did another reset of the new modem, and fiddled with settings, but my signal coming into the house is super good and far better than average...when it works.

The next step is for me to keep a log of outages and to call him directly if it goes out again.

*double sigh*


  1. mines in and out all the time and i keep meaning to ring, but it rarely interrupts me so don't get round to ringing....and anyway, need to remember to do that on a saturday, when i've better things to remember

  2. At least they believe you!