Sunday, August 22, 2010


All Around for Most of the Day

A gray and threatening day, from morning on, not that I had anything planned for outdoors. Obviously a swim was out of the question as I'm pretty sure the pool closed due to the weather.

And it was the last day of Rick's Saddle Shop's annual tent sale with a drawing for a $1000 shopping spree.  I really didn't need anything in particular except for some more feed through fly control. But each year I do shop for some Christmas presents for my cousins in the Ariat closeout section. This year, I got a pair of fur lined Ariat boots and a pair of Ariat mules for under $30 each and a pair of Ariat Crowne zip paddock boots for under $60.  Managed to get my fly control which, like everything else in the regular part of the store was 20% off, so I did OK for the day.  Some Christmas shopping is now done and my wallet is flatter.

Once again, I did not win the shopping spree, but a mother with at least one young daughter did, so that was kind of nice.  On the way home I stopped with my friend Stacie for lunch, and we spent well over an hour just chatting.  Stacie's lovely new mare has a swollen leg, so she is a bit worried about that, but her other horses are well and she's been doing only a little more riding than I have--which is none.

But on the way home the radio kicked in with one of those emergency screeches and there was an announcement from the National Weather Service that there was a tornado warning for parts of Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey.  I am hoping my blogger buddies are all OK down there.  A bit scary, to say the least. Tornadoes are not common around here and I don't know what kind of warning signals there are aside from the radio/tv announcements.

So, Shannon, in particular, I will be looking forward to a post from you letting me know all is well down your way.

Meanwhile, I am keeping a close eye on the weather forecast for our area.  I heard some thunder as I was feeding the Boys and it's pretty dark out there for this time of day.

Hope you and all of yours are safe and sound!


  1. Tack tent sales... It must be the time of the year for them. One of Chicago's big tack shops just had theirs and I drove right by on my way to the barn on Friday. I actually felt my car start to pull over but I somehow resisted! :)

  2. Arait boots on sale?! I like the sound of that! Sounds like a fab way to spend a weekend whilst your knees mend a little :)

    Hope those tornadoes come to nothing too, I'm glad for our comparitively meek British weather!

  3. We're OK down here! We had a lot of wind, some pretty impressive lightning and a ton of rain, but no tornados. I was actually out riding during one of the breaks in the storms... probably not my best idea ever.

    Nice score at Rick's! I have a pair of Ariat zip paddock boots, and they cost me a lot more than $60!

  4. Wow, great buys at the tent tack sale. It's nice to get some Christmas out of the way early.

    No tornadoes here but miserable rain, lightening and thunder on and off. Didn't have a great day all in all. Funny how the weather affects everything we do.

  5. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Good finds! One of our local stores had a tent sale this weekend, but the parking is impossible and I already have too much stuff, so I stayed away.

    Glad Shannon is OK with the bad weather!

  6. Wow scary tornadoes! We have hot and humid weathere, here but not as hot as it supposed to be. I am not complaining, but I am wondering what kind of winter will we have?
    Perhaps this "cool" weather is due to the ashes of the Icelandic volcano.

  7. It's thundery here too today but no tornadoes. Those are very scary! But they usually affect a very narrow area, hopefully not yours.

    You have lucky relatives, to get such useful horse stuff from you! I have some Ariat paddock boots that are very comfortable for both riding and hiking and they accommodate my orthodics, a big plus.