Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Finally Got A Thunderstorm

Some Rain at Last

Unfortunately, yesterday,  I waited too long to go to the pool, and as I got there, they were closing the water due to thunder and lightning in the area. One of the supervisors suggested I wait around, but I could tell by the look of the sky that the storms were not going to be short.

I was right. It started raining a bit by the time I got back home and the storm rolled in for at least an hour and a half. It wasn't violent, fortunately but there was a nice steady rain for a while.  I stood outside in it in my bathing suit for a while to make up for the lack of a swim.  Of course it wasn't quite the same, but it did cool me off and was kind of a "back to my childhood" experience. Fun.

Today, I went to the Township offices to deliver the map showing where the new horse warning road signs need to be installed.  Again, these are to warn drivers that there are horses in the area and that NJ State Law requires them to slow to 25MPH when there are horses on/near the road.  I took a bit of a tour around the area just to check on all the local stables so I could figure out where the best places would be for the signs. Now it's in the Township's hands.

I also looked at the appraisals on the Dog Park property the Township is purchasing.  I did find some interesting tidbits that might be useful in the future.  And, I picked up a copy of the Township Master Plan reexamination report which shows all kinds of information about how the Township planners/administration so now I have to study that for future issues in town.

I did get to swim today. I also got my hair cut and a chiropractic adjustment. I did go shopping on the way home. For good or ill, I did not buy any clothes....well, I did get a swimsuit bottom on sale in a color I wanted to match a top I already had...and I bought a new rug for my bedroom.  I've been looking for a braided rug and sure enough, I found one on sale.

When I got home, I was greeted by Patchadoodle who has now decided that not only is being an indoor cat kind of cool, but playing with me is even better.  I have a feathery thing on a stick he likes, the laser pointer and, fortunately an electric toy called "Undercover Mouse" that keeps him occupied while I do something else. He is quite a clever kitty and really has figured out how to relate to humans--or me at least--in a very clear way.  He responds to my voice, likes to sit with me for cuddles, and now knows how to very cutely paw at my arm to get me to play with him. He is quite the charmer.

Knee doctor tomorrow, so I am hoping things will improve soon.


  1. Your day sounds successful, fulfilling and kind'a fun.

  2. Anonymous1:41 AM

    Patch sounds very sweet. Your involvement in local government and affairs is commendable - more people should be as involved.

  3. Glad to hear that Patchadoodle is settling in. Hope all goes well at the knee doc.

  4. it was warm rain, then?

    good luck tomorrow...

  5. Good luck for tomorrow, all my fingers and toes are crossed for you!