Sunday, August 29, 2010

Small Deeds Done

Hot, Hot Sunday

As predicted the heat has returned. It was not pleasant at all today and the humidity was up as well.

Yesterday, however was warm with bright sunshine and clear skies. It was also the day of my friend's annual pig roast picnic, so that's where I spent most of the day, well into the evening.  Lots of delicious side dishes--salads, veggies, chips and dips filled me happily up along with a nice ear of sweet corn and just a taste of the barbecue pork.  I also got about an hour of swimming in the pool there before I got chilled and had to get out to warm up. The water was about 75F, so they say, but it felt colder to me.  Still it was refreshing.

This morning it was pretty nice when I got up to feed the Boys, but already the darn horseflies were out and about, including the B52's.  They are not even waiting for the warmth.  Don't know why they are so bad this year but apparently the dry conditions either make them extra hungry or help them breed.  Darn things.  I put the Boy's fans on in their stalls right away to blow the evil biting critters out.  Toby and Tucker spent a good part of the day inside.  Chance seems to be a little tougher and was in and out, although he does run into his stall when he gets divebombed.

I hung out in the AC for the bulk of the day and finally went to the pool for a late afternoon swim.  But when I got home, I actually did some yard work.  The bank in front of the house had a bunch of tall weeds growing in it.  The problem is that when you try to pull out of the driveway, the weeds block the view of the road to the east, so you really have to be careful trying to see the oncoming traffic.  Normally, I weed whack the bank as I've noted before, but since these were all weeds and the grass was not the problem, I decided to pull them.

I'd guess I spent about an hour out there tugging away.  Fortunately, the soil in the bank is pretty sandy so they pulled up easily.  Since I hadn't been able to take my usual shower at the swim club because there were about a half dozen mothers with children in the shower room, I figured I might as well pull the weeds here and then take my shower.

Good move. I'm all nice and clean now and cooled back off after the work.

At the pool, I also went down the waterslide twice just for some added adventure. Then I cruised around the Lazy River.

All in a day's "work."  *LOL*


  1. There is something satisfying about a freshly weeded patch. I like the sound of the picnic too.

  2. Even though the weather was hot and miserable you made the best of it. That pool sounds like fun, there's nothing like a dip in the heat to cool you off. I don't like to weed but it does look good and feel rewarding when the job is done.

  3. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Glad you had a good day despite the weather - Dawn and I had a day off as well with temps over 90 - we'll ride in the morning tomorrow.

  4. I swam today too, not many weekends left when the outdoor pool is open. And I do love weeding. It's so satisfying.

  5. GAG ME on the heat!!! It's been so nice and cool visiting here in NW england for a while...
    - The Equestrian Vagabond