Monday, August 16, 2010

Swimming in the Rain

Bit of a Shower
Not enough rain to really wet the earth, but at least a little. The only problem is that it brought back the humidity.

This morning was already promising steamy if the sun does come out. Clouds are the only thing keeping it tolerable outside.

No significant horse news to report as my knees are still bad.  The right one felt good on Saturday but yesterday it was back to sore. The left one isn't too good either and that's the reason I messed up the right one more than usual.  Doctor on Wednesday, so I can only hope.

Meanwhile, I have started the chore of sorting my clothes again. I have TONS of clothes.  Surprisingly enough, while I was teaching, I wore nearly all of them. But now, in retirement, I need to think about what I actually need as opposed to what I have.

So I am making several piles.  Get rid of. Barn stuff. Summer leisure stuff. Winter leisure stuff. Nice summer stuff and nice winter stuff.

My aunt used to have a rule that if you didn't wear it in a year, you didn't need it. I am trying to follow that rule.  Wish me luck. Aside from horses, clothes and shoes are my vice.

I did go for a swim yesterday as noted. It was only about 75 F out, but surprisingly, even after I got out of the water it didn't feel too cold.  The water was chilly when I first went in since the nights have been cold, but as they often say, once you were wet and actually swimming, it felt good.  I did 12 laps, as I've been doing. While I could do more, I start to get a little bored after the 12th one, so I stop.  I don't want to ruin the concept.

Once this pool closes for the season, I have some other options. The first is to go to the pool at the County College where I was teaching in the Spring.  Since I am still an employee as a substitute, that is a possibility.  There is also an athletic club much closer where a friend of mine works.  I have not yet seen the pool, but it might be OK.  Apparently they charge by the month, so it could work out.  If I go to the college, I would not swim every day as it's a pretty long drive.  I'll see how it all works out.


  1. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Hope the doctor makes a difference to the knees.

    I'm bad about keeping clothes I don't wear for too long - I need to get sorting and your post just might give me the motivation I need!

  2. We've got the humidity back too. Hope the doctor can do something about your knees on Wed. But it's good you got to take some laps in the pool.

    I wouldn't even know where to start on sorting clothes. I think I still have stuff from 20 years ago. Like concert t-shirts and what not. I really should go through this junk...someday.

  3. Only two days till the doc, hang in there :)

  4. Good luck on Wednesday with the doctor. I really hope that you can find some relief soon!

    I was thinking of you the other day... my daughter is a swim instructor and she has been looking for a pool for her and I to join so she can teach me to swim properly and for good exercise without being to harsh on the knee joints.

  5. "if you didn't wear it in a year, you didn't need it."

    I've heard that one - but i find i sometimes go back to stuff (so long as i can still get into it, LOL) as the fashions change so that something you don't like one year, you do again a few years later...

    i think the thing about not working is you end up only needing 2 sets of clothes, instead of thre....

  6. Stephanie, swimming is really good exercise and the low impact aspect is great for the knees.

    Claire, trouble is, I will still be substitute teaching, and I am running for political office....somehow I keep thinking I NEED the clothes....*sigh*

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  8. Fingers crossed for the knee doctor visit. If all goes well you might have to make a celebratory clothing purchase:)

  9. in that case, yes, of course you need the clothes...