Monday, August 09, 2010

Did I Say It Was Hot?

I Know I Did--Too Many Times Already  

This weather is unrelenting. The weekend did moderate a bit, but no we are back in the upper 90's.  The Boys seems to be hanging out in the barn with the fans blowing on them so they do have some respite.

My knee still hurts, of course. I did call the doctor and now have an appointment for next week, so that's a bit better. The nurse assured me the doctor could both drain my knee and treat it with the PRP therapy on the same day, so that's good.  It's still longer than I really want to wait, but my options are limited. If I go to the orthopedic surgeon, they are likely to want all kinds of tests, etc, and I'll be reminded of the replacement option, something I am not quite ready for.

I feel better sticking with the doctor I know, treatment I understand, and the non-surgical approach to it all.

Fortunately, I am able to swim and I did so again today.  I also took three trips around the Lazy River, getting a bit of sun and just relaxing.  It did feel good just kind of floating along, not thinking about much.

Patchadoodle seems to have settled into the house really well.  The other cats are tolerating him just fine and I did some play therapy with everyone both today and yesterday.  Chasing a feather thing on a stick seems to be a fairly universal cat instinct and as the other guys watched Patches bat at the toy, I think there was a bit of feline bonding going on.

I'm glad as Patches really is a sweet kitty who loves to cuddle. He makes a nice addition to the household.


  1. Upper nineties with your humidity is brutal. We are much luckier with highs usually not higher than the low nineties and very low humidity. Swimming is your best option. The other day I heard and saw a horse playing with his big water tank. His hoof was in it and he was pawing and pawing. Must have been great fun.

  2. Glad Patchadoodle is fitting in nicely. This weather is brutal, I've had just about enough and can't wait for Autumn and cooler temps. It's good you got to swim and relax a bit. Wish you could have gotten an appt. sooner with the doctor, maybe they will have a cancellation and can fit you in sooner.

  3. Anonymous8:59 PM

    Glad you've got a plan for the knee, and hope that helps. Your weather has been brutal this year - I'll bet you're hoping for fall!

  4. if you do end up going the surgery route, i would think you'll plan it for the summer when there's minimal need for barn chores? do hope the doctor can sort it for you!

    feathery things rock, don't they!

  5. Anonymous9:05 AM

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  6. At least you have an appointment now :) Don't blame you for wanting to hold off on the replacement route, I gather there are plenty downsides to that.

    The lazy river sounds like a fab way to spend an afternoon, as does fussing with the cats. Great to hear Patches is settling in so well :)