Saturday, August 14, 2010


Another Pretty Day

We're having a lovely break in the weather. Low humidity and moderating temperatures with a nice breeze.

My knee felt "almost" good enough to try out, but I decided better safe than sorry.  I did not even go swimming, partially because it was cooler out and also because it was the weekend when the pool is very busy.  I was a bit chilled by yesterday's swim, so I kind of figured today would be even chillier.

Just excuses, actually. I was in lazy mode, that's for sure. I didn't sleep well when I went to bed last night after falling asleep on the couch with the TV on.  That put me out really late to snack the Boys so everything was messed up.

However, that does not quite explain the Boys' behavior this morning when I went out to give them breakfast. All three were out in the pasture, grazing on who knows what.  I put all the feed and hay in, filled the water trough and then called them in.  Tucker started milling about, and at first it looked as of Toby was headed in.

Then, Tucker seemed to circle around him, almost blocking his path.  This routine repeated several times as no one seemed quite ready to come through the gate back into the paddock.  I finally walked out to the gate myself, and then partway into the pasture carrying a piece of baling twine to use as a neck rope.  Almost at once, Tucker moved over to me and seemed ready to follow me in.  No need of a lead rope at all.

But he did keep looking at the woods to his right where the gate out of the riding arena is.  He seemed very wary of that area  until he got into his stall and started chowing down.  Once he came in, Tucker and Chance were not far behind and things settled quickly into the normal morning routine.

Now, I did notice that the turkeys were on my side lawn very early --around 6 AM.  Even though the horses are well used to them, I do notice they do tend to keep an eye on the birds when they are about.  I know the Tom would stand up for his flock of hens if he felt threatened, so it could be something happened.

Then again, who knows what beasties lurk in that forest. We did have a coyote a few years ago--I shudder to think--and some of the raccoons are pretty big.

Nothing like living next to 1200 acres of deep green woodlands.


  1. That does seem like some odd behavior, but I'm sure they had their reasons. Sometimes one of ours will just start staring off at something and we can't see or hear anything, it's hard to figure them out.

    This weather is gorgeous, maybe next week after the doctor you'll be able to get some work done with the boys and start enjoying the cooler days.

  2. Sounds like something's spooked them, could really be anything from a turkey to something much bigger. For example, our guys are very wary coming out of one field just because one day the farmer was wrapping up large round haylage bales with plastic. Now, even pigeons flying out of the surrounding bushes in that field can scare them!

    Glad to hear the weather has eased off, and you are entitled to a lazy day :)

  3. once had a field full of hyper mares to deal with at bring in time..we think it was a deer or two that time, or possibly a fox - something kicked off, anyway!

  4. Here's a good one. I used to ride at a ranch in the foothills and if the horses were jumpy in the morning we wondered if a bear or a mountain lion visited the ranch at night. Where Tetley is now it would most likely be a coyote or a fox, not usually deer or other big critters that far east of the mountains.