Friday, August 27, 2010

Not Much Happening


Campaign meeting Wednesday, worn out crash on Thursday, and then today, so far, not much.

I had to wait around all morning for the washer repairman to call and then come, so I was stuck. Then Hayman arrived and we did a bit of cleaning in the carport where I store the hay.  I carted the loose hay out to the paddock with the tractor front end loader--reminding myself, unfortunately--that the load has a hydraulic leak that really can't be ignored.

With a load of hay safely stashed, I called the tractor repair place and am waiting for a call back. Called the other tractor place as well. So that will be more dollars flying out the door, but I can't afford to ignore either one. I definitely need the front end loader for the winter if we have snow.  And the other tractor is the only one that can conquer the weeds in the paddock.

Somehow it will work itself out. *sigh*

It's warm out, but I'm not sure it's quite the inspirational swimming weather.  I'll see.

My knees felt pretty good after my rides, so that's a plus. Thank you all who asked. It was kind of an experimental test flight since I knew the weather wasn't going to hold for too long. But, the evenings and mornings are pretty cool, so if I can manage some time then, I should be able to do some horse work soon.

Now it seems to be a matter of booked evenings. It would be best to do something after dark, actually, when the flies are napping since the B52's and pals are out now.

Once again, things are on hold. Sort of.


  1. Repairs are annoying but they are a necessary evil I guess. Best to get it all done before the weather gets cold again.

    Glad your knees are doing better. I do hope you get some rides in, I think it will make you feel better.

  2. That's very good news on your knees.

    How incredibly annoying about the washer. You did your best to avoid just this and then it happened. Now that we are back in our house, we see tons of things that need repairing but we are waiting to see what we really want to do - to stay here or move.

  3. Flies ... TBH I did not get it because at my yard there were not much or just normal flies and midges.

    But now that my mare is in the country side ... I get it. My friend told me that she find very hard to ride in the evening, because there are too many horseflies. They are HUGE and they sting and they draw blodd... yuck yuck.
    Every place has its pro and con. My ex-yard no flies but too much dust, the countryside no dust but too many flies.

    I never thought about turning out a horse with anit-flies rugs, but now I do!

  4. Well at least you knees are feeling better:)
    Why do lots of things all seem to break down at the same time....

    I have to say im very lucky with the flies. At the old yard we had a stream and lots of trees so the flies were terrible. Now we are back next to my old old yard I appreciate how little we are bothered by them.