Saturday, August 07, 2010

No Rain, but Water

On My Knee, That Is....

I think that's what's going on with my right knee...a fluid build up.  I will have to call my doctor back, because the last time this happened, he would not do the regular treatment even after he drained the fluid in case there was an infection. So, I don't want to spend the money on the kit for the PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections and prolotherapy--to tighten the ligaments--unless I am going to be able to get the treatment at that visit.  The big trouble is that my medical insurance will not pay for the treatments as they are considered "experimental" and even though I know they work, it doesn't matter.

My hay man goes to my doctor as well and has run into the same problem with the insurance. He fought with the insurance company to no avail and my doctor has essentially given up, at  least for now, even submitting claims for payment.  So, I can't afford to waste money on two doctor visits I have to pay for.

Bummer, but so typical when someone else has the right to make decisions about my health care.

On the kitty front, Patches seems to be adapting well to living inside. This morning, he was sharing the hall/living room area with the other kitties.  There was still some hissing, but then I took out the laser pointer and started playing with everyone and community spirit started to develop.  Reggie and Scooter are most accepting of the newcomer, while DJ is still a bit uncertain.  Church was off somewhere in a huff.  I have for now closed the attic door so he can't go upstairs to adventure and he is not happy about that.  I'm not sure what the allure is up there except for an occasional mouse that somehow gets in through the eaves, but Church likes to spend a lot of time up there.  I wasn't too keen on having Patches vanish into the upper spaces--my attic is rather full of "stuff"--until I was sure he was socialized to the rest of the house, so I closed the door.  Miffed, Church is not speaking to me right now.

Patches did disappear into the back rooms again when I turned on the television.  It didn't help that I put on The Dog Whisperer. *L*  I guess he thinks there are more people in the house when the set's on, so he vanishes.  It'll just take some time for him to get used to such things.

The weather has moderated a bit today, but riding is still out.  No point, again. Bad knee and totally unfit horses. Like they say, "I'll get around to it,"  eventually. The Boys have shelter, water, fans, fly spray, fly sheets, good food, hay, places to roam, apples to eat, and each others' company.  I don't think they mind not working too much.

Hope to get some more swimming in today.  And speaking of the weather...which I wasn't....we REALLY need some rain around here. Even the thunderstorms are passing us by.


  1. We do need rain, this weather is heinous. Glad to hear Patches is adjusting to his new life of luxury. I can't imagine wanting to be outside in this weather, especially wearing a fur coat. *L*

    I hope the knee gets to feeling better, and you can get the therapy soon. Until then, I'm sure the boys are enjoying their "summer vacation". *G*

  2. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Hope the knee continues to improve and that you can get the treatments you need. We need rain as well, although I don't think we've been as hot as you have.

  3. Even though it is beautiful outdoors today, we could use some rain too. If not I'll be out there with the hose.

    Patches seems to be fitting in with the crowd. He'll be one of the gang in no time.

    Sorry to hear about your knee. It must be painful. I had fluid drained on mine once or twice. Insurance companies are so stupid. If they would only pay for the treatments they could possibly avoid having to go for very expensive operations in the future. I sometimes wonder what they are thinking...

  4. I had to laugh at the tv program. They probably do think that there is another person around.

  5. I am in England in the part that has had LOTS of sunshine. Everything looks parched. It does not look like England !

    I hope you get your knee sorted out soon!

  6. "I sometimes wonder what they are thinking... "

    they are thinking about the bottom line, of course - which is why I LOVE the NHS and don't understand why so many people in the states think private health care is the best option (unless, of course, they're the people making the profits)