Sunday, August 01, 2010

Lungeing the Good One

And Watching the Naughty One Run Around 

I took advantage of the cloud cover this afternoon to do a little lungeing.  Nothing to vigorous as it was still pretty humid/warm and my knees were in braces.  Tucker was quite ready to be caught and equally ready to do some work.  I set up a little jump for the end of the session and once, when the line slipped out of my hand, he jumped it on his own, then stopped to look at me as if to say, "Where the heck are you?"   He was moving really well and it wasn't much trouble to get forward.

Then, I went to get Chance.  Naughty boy. Unfortunately, he has chosen Toby as his new role model and has learned to run away from me.  It's not really nasty, but I do think he seems to think it's part of the game and I enjoy it.  He galloped to a fro, stirring up the other two Boys for a good frolic, while I just stood there, waiting.

At one point, he took off into the pasture with Toby hot on his heels.  Tucker started to go, then stopped and stood near me, looking off where the other two had gone as if to say, "What's that nonsense all about...huh, Jean?"  When the two came galloping back full tilt, he bounced around for a while with them, then came back over to me for a chin scratch.

Finally Chance decided to stop fooling around and stood quietly while I put the halter and lunge line on him.  I kept his session really short because he'd already had his own warm up.  He finished up jumping the little jump nicely, but he was upstaged by Tucker who'd managed to wander into the arena.  When I told him he had to get out, he trotted half way around, jumped the little jump beautifully and exited, stage right.  It was just too cute.  He seemed to proud of himself.

After everyone had cooled down, I gave them each a dose of Ivermectin paste wormer, and then fed dinner.

I was thinking of a swim again, but decided one more day of taking it easy on my knees would be better, so I took a shower instead.  It's not quite the same, but at least I got wet.


  1. I am glad to hear that you were feeling good enough to work the boys! It really is a bummer about your knees, I am feeling your pain!!

    I know you mentioned a while back about possible needing TKR, My mother in-law had one of hers done and was back to work in 3 weeks and said that the day after the surgery that she could feel such relief when she got up to walk.

    Thought that was interesting, I am hoping you can find a way to ease the pain and be able to keep up your activities!

    Thinking of you :)

  2. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Tucker does sound quite the scene-stealer! Glad you felt well enough to give the boys some work!

  3. Tucker sounds like a sweetie staying with you and then upstaging Chance. That must have been pretty funny. I always love when they do unexpected stuff like that. Glad you got some work in with the boys.

    Hope your knees feel much better tomorrow and you can get a swim in.

  4. Did you wear your water-wings in the shower for atmosphere? (Hesitation sets in as I am not sure the blow-up arm bands that kids wear are known as water wings in the U.S.?)

  5. Tucker seems in such good mood and willing. Do you think he could be his new diet?

    They are fun, aren't they?

  6. *lol* Must be something in the air right now! It is fun to watch them carry on and enjoy themselves :)

    Great to heat everyone is feeling full of the joys!