Friday, August 13, 2010

Cool Day

Still Lame--Me. That Is

But that's me, not the horses.  Everyone looks just fine to me. So I have three horses to ride and my knee is still sore and a bit swollen--where I think the fluid is.  I did think about lungeing, but that too requires lots of footwork.  I did manage to do some cleaning in the barn, but that was it.

It was cool and damp out, with very intermittent showers. We really have been short on rain.  Since the winter and spring were so wet, I am guessing that the water supply is still OK as I haven't heard any reports of shortages.  Around here the bulk of the water supply is underground rather than from rivers, streams or reservoirs. That's why I am such a fanatic about trying to protect the aquifer areas where the water filters through the surface soils/sands into underground areas.

I get my water from two wells on my property--one for the barn and one for the house. I'm pretty sure they are at different depths but they well could be tapping into the same underground supply even though they are perhaps 200 feet away from each other.  I am not sure how deep either one is, so it's hard to tell.

But regardless, I am always conscious of trying not to use water recklessly.  The bulk of the Township has municipal water lines, a controversy in this election because of the high water and sewer bills and the additional water and sewer tax we all pay.  Yes, I said, "we all pay."  I have to pay too and I have absolutely no access to public water or sewer on my road.  Not exactly fair, and something worth mentioning in our campaign.

So, I lieu of doing anything with the horses, or swimming since it was a bit too cool for that--amazing--I didn't do too much worthwhile.  But when I went out to feed in the afternoon, the turkey flock was out and about and I managed to get one focused picture of baby turkey sitting on the fence below mommy turkey.  It's not the best portrait of the little guy/gal but it does give you a sense of perspective as to the size difference between parent and child.
The little thing on the bottom rail is the baby and on top is mom.  The rest of the pictures are kind of out of focus as in my rush to try to snap them before everyone disappeared I didn't set the focus--something I need to do when using the zoom.

Here too is a picture of Patchadoodle quite happily settled in the house.  I have to laugh a bit as I had the bay windows installed partially for my kitties and to be frank, the other cats don't often enjoy them.  The bay windows started an almost entire house remodeling about ten years ago that I've been paying for ever since. So it's kind of ironic that now Patch seems to be reaping the benefits.

At any rate, here he is, looking, I think quite content with his new status as "house cat."


  1. Baby Turkey is a scruffy little bag of fluffy feathers, isn't he/she? Mama looks sleek in comparison.
    Patches looks very settled.

  2. Sewer and water tax when you don't have municiple sewer and water? Oh, that's sneaky! Makes you wonder what they're doing with the extra money...

    It's amazing how well the turkeys blend into their surroundings, you would never even know Baby was there unless s/he moved. I haven't seen any babies this year, but I think the mothers keep them well hidden.... we have a lot of hawks around here.

  3. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Glad you're a bit cooler - we're still baking although some relief is promised for the weekend.

    Love the turkey pics - I've only seen them out a car window. Patches looks pretty happy!

  4. Wouldn't have spotted the baby turkey if you hadn't have pointed the little bundle out!

    So nice that someone is enjoying those bay windows, Patches looks very at home :)

  5. well i guess the boys don't mind; you could always do some flexions with them instead?

  6. Patchadoodle looks very content in the bay window. So I guess the money was well spent.

    Hope you get some relief with your knee soon so you can get back to riding. Love the baby turkey picture. They are so cute.

  7. Cute pics Patches is gorgeous!

    Do you want to swap, im not lame myself but have lame horses:0