Monday, August 02, 2010

K'need a Rest Again

Darn It Anyhow

The right knee hurts again today. I made an appointment with my doctor, but there was nothing open until August 26.  However, they will call me if there is a cancellation before that.  That's a long time to be limping around like this.

But, Tylenol helps and as long as I don't have to walk for miles, it's OK.  I'll just take it day by day as each day seems to be a bit different. Knowing my knees, chances are that this will get mostly better on its own anyhow. They are messed up enough that it's just one more pain to deal with.

If I do end up getting replacement surgery, I hope I can put it off for a while yet. The reviews out there are mixed. Some people have had fast, easy recoveries and others....months of misery. Hard to say where I'd be. My left knee surgery was a breeze, but the right knee took forever to get better and until I went to this doctor I'm dealing with now, recovery had plateaued with a swollen joint.  His therapy really helps and I've put it off too long this time.

Once again, I decided not to go swimming. It's cloudy out again with the promise of rain, so perhaps it's just as well.  But as soon as we have the next nice day, I'm back to the pool, even if it just means cruising the Lazy River.

The Boys seem to be spending more time outdoors these last few days. For certain, Tucker has figured out the apple tree possibilities and I think Toby has too. But tonight. Chance and Tucker were in the "apple" paddock, while Toby was off by himself in the front paddock by the barn. It always interests me to see how they group themselves.

Toby, the alpha horse, is usually not too happy off by himself and if the other two get out of sight, he calls for them.  Chance, on the other hand, is completely independent and hasn't a worry in the world about where the others are. Tucker?? Hard to say. He seems to switch alliances as best benefits him.  He is not very vocal, although when he was locked in his stall because of his hoof, he did make some fuss if the other two vanished off into the distant pasture.  It was definitely nothing like Toby when he's locked in, but rather out of character for normally content Tucker.

But, when it comes time for shoeing, I always try to keep at least one other horse inside when Toby or Tucker are being done as they both get restless.  Boy, imagine having to stand quietly for the farrier when your friends are out doing something else! *G*

Just goes to show how nature tends to win over training far too often.


  1. hope the doctor can fit you in, you need to get this sorted....retirement should be to enjoy, and you're not able to with this pain..

  2. Those darn knees!! I hope they can get you in sooner, that is a while to wait when you are in pain.

    Glad the boys are doing well :)

  3. Blimey, not so good about this knee flaring up :( I hope you get an appointment much sooner, and that the pain eases off.

  4. Anonymous6:43 PM

    Knee pain can be very bad - take care of yourself!

  5. Knee pain is no fun. I've got the same thing in my left this week. Everyone makes their own decision regarding knee replacements. I had one on my right knee about 2 years ago. I can say that they have you up and walking the same day and was using a cane and going up and down steps after the first week. The recovery was painful but I was able to walk. I didn't ride though for about 6 months.Physical therapy is key, the main thing is to get the bend back. I know it would be hard for you to take care of the horses by yourself. You would definitely need some help the first month.Good luck with whatever you decide.