Saturday, July 03, 2010

Surprise Visit

Oooops, Nearly Missed It

I was inside the house watching TV previews of the Tour de France which starts today.

Apparently, Scott, my farrier "sneaked" in through the driveway on the other side of the house while I was just hanging out with the TV.  Imagine my surprise when I saw the truck and Mick, his dog already in the backyard by the barn.

I went out to find Tucker nearly half shod already.  Scott had figured I was sleeping and didn't want to bother me, so he didn't ring the doorbell.  Ah, well. Rather embarrassing to see him there.  But all was well.

My horses do not need to be held for shoeing.  They all stand well on the crossties in the aisle of the barn...although Tucker does tend to wiggle a bit.  And, they are polite for Scott as well.  So when I am there, I usually spend my time amusing Mick with games of fetch and chatting with Scott about all kinds of things.

Today the main topic was the Township's potential purchase of a commercial dog park using Open Space money. This is going to become an early campaign issue.  There are far too many questions about the purchase and subsequent operation of the park under public control.

Scott did all three Boys' feet today.  Tucker and Toby have shoes only on the front and Chance is the barefoot boy.  I am pleased to report that Tucker looked absolutely sound after being shod.  I lunged him for about five minutes so Scott could watch him.  The current supposition is that the bit of white line disease in Tucker's toe was the cause his bout of lameness.  Whatever it was, he seems to be fine now and is all ready to go with his nice new shoes.

Which is more than I can say for me.  Both knees are bothering me now, although the left one is worse and still not quite ready for much action.  It's OK for the next few days anyhow, as it's gotten hot again and will be dreadful tomorrow.

Fortunately, the church where I will be singing is air conditioned, but I do have a picnic later in the day. There is plenty of natural tree shade at the picnic site, though, so if there is any kind of breeze at all, it might not be too  bad.

Happy Independence Day, America! May the red, white and blue fly high in celebration of our nation's birth!


  1. happy birthday...

    glad tucker is still sound and hopefully you will be too, soon...

  2. How nice that Scott was able to come today. Now Tucker will have freedom again, though he probably won't be running around much in the heat.

  3. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Glad Tuck is feeling all better. Hope your knees improve, too - I find hot humid weather sometimes makes my joints and back feel worse - now if it would just cool down a little bit.

  4. Scott is a "keeper". Happy and safe Fourth to all. What do your horses think of fireworks?

  5. A good farrier is worth his weight in gold. Glad you've got Scott.

    This weather is miserable. Hope your knees feel better soon. Enjoy your picnic.