Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Hate the Laptop

But It Works

Which is more than I can say for me!  I did have a rehearsal this morning, so that took up some of my day. 

But it is SO hot outside, it's not even worth going to the pool.  I'm not sure I'd survive the walk from the parking lot to the lap pool across the park. 

And I have definitely entered my retirement schedule again where I take a nap in the afternoon--sorry everyone who works--and then stay up really late at night doing
"things."  Trouble is, last night it did not cool off outside enough for me to do any outside things.  I still have to put the Rubbermaid shed thingie together, as noted. 

The Boys were out in the pasture again during the earlier part of the day.  Despite the heat, there was a bit of a breeze off and on.  Later they were up in the barn letting the fans do their work.  They are not particularly sweaty, so they are bearing up in the heat far better than I am. 

I have had Tucker on the new oil supplemented diet for just about a week now and I THINK he is not quite as ravenous about food as he was before.  If so, this might be a good sign.  I've checked out oil supplementation on some websites and it seems that even if he does not have metabolic issues the diet will still be fine for him. 

With the dreadful heat wave, I certainly am not riding him so I can't make any judgment yet as to whether the dietary change helps his work ethic or not.  He is a curious horse to work with, regardless--and decidedly opinionated about almost everything.  He can go very well when all is well, but he is bothered by more than most horses by any distraction.  And, if something is bothering him physically, he always lets me know.

Then again, I do indulge him if he tries to "tell me something" with his body language or attitude.  I suspect that makes him feel quite entitled to an opinion in most every aspect of his training.

Kind of reminds me of a teenage English student. *G*


  1. The heat sounds unbearable. I hope it will break soon for you and the Boys.

  2. This heat is oppressive. I can't wait until it clears out.

  3. Anonymous7:31 AM

    Hope your heat abates soon - ours is bad but nowhere as bad as yours.