Friday, July 16, 2010

Not Yet Impressed

Bag Report

So far, nothing too impressive with the plastic water bags.  In fact, when I went out to feed dinner, there were two flies sitting on the bag at over the door into the feed room.  Perhaps they were special flies and not intimidated by the refraction. 

Perhaps not.  I am not too optimistic about this, but never say I don't give things a fair chance.

Too hot again today.  The temperatures were in the upper 90's F and the garage sun reading was about 116F. 

The Boys seem to be coping well, however.  I don't see them sweating a lot and they seem to like standing in the barn with the fans blowing on them.  They wander in and out at will, sometimes spending time under the shade trees in the front paddocks and sometimes venturing out to the pasture to nibble at whatever grass has survived the drought. 

And then, of course, there are the green apples.  There is a Macintosh tree in the paddock and another apple tree outside the paddock.  I keep track of the volume of apples that fall as the season progresses, but this early in the season there fall is pretty scant.  But Chance is on to it and monitors the tree far better than I ever could. I actually think he listens for the apples to hit the ground and then heads out. Since his stall is on that side of the barn, it's not too long a trek for him to reach the tree and claim the fruit before anyone else finds it.

And "anyone else" does include at least one resident groundhog.  The other morning when I went out to feed, there was the little furry critter sitting up on his haunches with a green apple in his front paws.  He was happily nibbling away.  That probably explains why the tree outside the paddock has not had very many apples dropped on the lawn.  Like Chance, the groundhog probably hears the apples fall and heads out to gorge himself.  I'd imagine he'd be pretty sensitive to the sound of an apple hitting the ground  if he were in his burrow--which I think is under the feed room. *sigh* 

I really do enjoy watching my animals, both wild and domestic.  Yesterday, Patchadoodle, the outdoor cat, took a flying leap at one of the squirrels who, in turn, scurried up a tree to escape. Patch just kind of sat there under the tree looking disappointed.  Since he's not a really big or husky cat, I seriously doubt he could take on a squirrel and win, but I do have to admire his ambition.  There is another stray cat skulking about now too--a gray cat with flat ears.  I've taken to sitting with Patch every morning and evening when he eats just to be sure he is getting the food he wants before the other cat comes in to finish up.  I leave plenty of food there for the stray, but knowing cats, I'm pretty sure he has chased Patch off more than once. 

For now, Patchadoodle and I are good buddies.  He lets me pet him and pick him up, although he doesn't exactly relax in my hands.  In a few more weeks, I figure he will be tamed enough to go to the vet for a checkup and some vaccinations.  If he checks out OK, I may try to make him a house cat.  He is a sweet little guy and I don't want anything to happen to him outside or on the road.  But I have to be patient.  If I terrify him now, I'll have a totally impossible task of trying to tame him again.  I'm pretty sure he was once someone's cat anyhow, so the trauma of either being dumped out or lost must have been pretty hard on him. 

I went to the chiropractor this morning and had a nice swim this evening.  It's not exactly like riding a horse, but at least I am exercising. 


  1. Anonymous8:53 PM

    Keep cool - with luck you'll get some better weather soon!

  2. Swimming sounds just divine. I usually love the heat and humidity, but this is a little much. Oh well, at least we have a good excuse to not be riding. Here's hoping this heat wave ends soon!

  3. Interesting about the pennies. Of course, the flies would be sitting on the bag. Ha!

    Love the apple story, I guess it's a race who hears them drop and gets there first. We have groundhog living under a pine tree on the lawn. He's awfully cute. Today I saw two of our little foxes scurrying through the paddock. I like my wild animals too. Good luck with the kitty. Stay cool. I hope this breaks soon it's miserable.

  4. Swimming is about the only thing you can do in that weather.

    MacIntosh apples are my all time favorite!