Thursday, July 29, 2010

They're Back

Let's Talk Turkey 
The wild turkeys are back. Today I had a visit from four plus one. The plus one is a baby. Unfortunately mom and baby made their way to the brush beyond the fence before I was able to get the camera out.  The other three fell for the "corn bribe " under the bird feeder and posed for portraits.

I think the big one in front may be a tom and the others hens but I'm not sure. They are still probably young.
It's a little disturbing to only see one chick as I'd think they'd have a bigger brood, but so it goes. Perhaps there are predators around.  I hope it's not because of some kind of breeding problems.

Here is one of the "bribees" at the feeder.

Meanwhile,  not too far away, Chance was "bobbing" for apples.

The stuff on the ground are the pine chips from the downed trees. I still haven't moved any of them, but will on one of the days when the weather moderates.

Success!! Apple found and downed.

Nothing else to report, actually. I went out for breakfast with a friend so I could not do much in the morning. The heat was back on for the rest of the day after some showers in the morning. I keep hoping it will moderate a bit, but things don't look too promising. Right now the humidity is creeping back in, so it feels very "heavy" out there. And the BUGS!!

Note to all about Chance.  He too is on a diet, like Tucker.  His feed has been cut considerably and he has lost some weight. I may have to cut him back some more, however, but some good exercise surely would help. He is a very laid back fellow.

More often than not, when I go out for late night snack, he is lying down, sleeping somewhere. Maybe what I ought to do is just let him nap and forego the snack!!


  1. The turkeys are fascinating - I actually think they're a lot more beautiful than the overgrown fat monstrosities that are bred for Thanksgiving turkeys.

    My horses could use a diet too, but that will require grazing muzzles.

  2. Love the turkeys. Mine were here the other day but by the tine I got the camera they were into the woods. Mama turkey must be an old hand at this and protective, she started out with 9 and now they are bigger and there are 8. So I think she did pretty well keeping them under cover.

    Chance looks like he's keeping himself on the only fresh fruit diet. Love that he can get his own apples.

  3. 人不能像動物一樣活著,而應該追求知識和美德............................................................

  4. Well some of us have cr*p metabolism, everything we eat go to her waist or neck ,-)))

    The turkeys are so funny, I have never seen wild.

  5. "Maybe what I ought to do is just let him nap and forego the snack!! "

    that would probably help, LOL

    we don't get wild turkeys ....