Tuesday, July 06, 2010

On the Laptop

So I Am Online After All

But I hate the laptop keyboard as it's too small for me to type well on.  And, I do not have all the Blogger addresses of my blogger pals, so if I miss your blogs for a few days, please forgive me. 

My other computer is in for a complete tuneup which includes a complete system restore which was actually cheaper than just trying to clean up all the file problems.  Staples does advertise a free service, but apparently that's only if the problems are minimal.  Mine were getting worse and worse.  Something was definitely wrong with my Windows Registry and my Internet software was totally going downhill. 

I had a back up of all my important files on a USB drive, so wiping out all my data is not an issue.  There are some programs and games, etc. that I have loaded I may not be able to save, unless the software company has a record that I paid for and downloaded them previously.  Nothing too sad to lose, actually, but still.....

It is blisteringly hot again today.  I just realized that the reason the pool was so busy yesterday was because it was the Monday holiday to celebrate the 4th of July.  People had the day off.  Not being a working girl anymore, I tend to forget things like that, although I wouldn't have much noticed in the summer anyhow while I was still teaching.

The Boys seem to be coping pretty well, hanging out in the barn again with the fans blowing on them.  Chance does keep looking at me, I suppose wondering why I don't spend more time with him, but what can I do.  Both of us would pass out if we tried any form of exercise beyond just kind of "being there."  I am monitoring the water trough, however, as they are drinking quite a bit, which is good. 

Tomorrow is supposed to be the last day of the bad heat and then we are maybe going to have some thunderstorms come through.  We really need the rain.  My lawn is brown, which saves mowing the grass, but the weeds seem to be doing OK.  Nice to know nature always has a few survivors in the wings to make it through the bad times.

So much for now.  The Tour de France took some wicked twists and turns today with more crashes and more injuries.  Kind of frustrating when that happens, as I said yesterday.  At least the race is proving to be exciting, although I am not too keen on this kind of excitement. 

Off for a swim after I refill the water trough.


  1. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Hope you cool off soon - you're even hotter than we are.

  2. Hello there. Been very busy, so little time on computer.

    Today I had a consultation with a "posturologo" a specialist on posture. It is part of the Pilates package, I have subscribed to.

    It was fascinating. I asked him about the Shape-up shoes.
    He was DEAD against it. He said that Nature made our feet to walk on HARD ground, not something wobbly. Yes it will alleviate your pain from your knees, hips etc ... but it will provocate a unbalance somewhere else in your body, back, neck etc...
    These shoes are okay for special exercises, but not to wear all day.

    I thought I will share the info with you.

    It was a very in-depth visit, with lotsof photos taken and tests on balance. Very enlightening!

  3. You have sparked my curiosity about the Tour this year but I am so busy it's hard to find the time to look at things like that.

    Take it easy in the heat.

    I too am on a laptop, Dave's old one. He took our big one to Colorado with him and I don't like the small keyboard. You just get used to the space on the big one.

  4. if you "follow" the people you regularly read then you'll find their posts will show up in your blogger dashboard front page...

    i know what you mean about the keyboard on a laptop, never quite the same, and some keys are in the wrong place!

  5. I mostly use my laptop so I'm used to the keyboard. Hope your regular computer gets fixed soon.

    It's just too hot to do anything at all outside. Thank goodness for air conditioning. I'm sure your boys and my herd couldn't care less if they were worked in this heat.