Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rainy Relief

Sort Of

Not exactly relief, except that we did have off and on showers for most of the day.  Soft rain, so far, the kind that does soak into the dry soil.  My lawn actually does look happier already.

But it never really did cool off.  Not so you'd notice.  The humidity just made the day feel warmer, I fear.

So what have I accomplished so far today?  The Tour de France watch, of course. Then a trip to the feed store to get some fly masks for the Boys and five bags of alfalfa cubes.  And an organic fly repellent called Flyswatter to sprinkle around in the stalls.  It wasn't too expensive and one of the women in the tack store said she's been using it with great success.

Using it and the fly masks is planned for tomorrow--depending on the weather.

Today I am doing the laundry and some inside cleaning, just as desperately needed as the outdoor work.

I didn't swim today because of the weather, and because I am singing the duet again tomorrow in my church.  no point in filling my head with water.  Besides, I know there were thunderstorms in the forecast so whether the pool stayed open is questionable.  I can't say I noticed thunder, actually, but somehow I also missed a few of the heavier showers from the looks of a few puddles outside.

We need more rain, though and I'm not going to complain if we get it.  But there were some really heavy storms going through the middle part of the country and those we don't need.  I have another tree branch down making three or more to clean up.  This one looks to be small enough for me to drag by hand, but the others are going to require the tractor.

Another job for another day.  Fact is, I am just taking it one thing at a time. What gets done, gets done. What doesn't, doesn't.  I always take care of the Boys, of course and my kitties, but the rest of it can sit until I get around to it.

It's one of the blessings of retirement.


  1. Anonymous7:24 AM

    Hope you cool off soon. We need rain, too and I hope we get some but without the big storms that sometimes are part of it.

  2. I was actually happy to get some rain yesterday even with the thunder. Our pastures are brown and the flowers are wilting. The humidity is pretty high which makes mucking or working outside sweaty work.

    Have a great day singing today and hopefully it will cool down some.

  3. haha - yesterday I was thinking it was sooooo humid (thunderstorms were building, though they never dropped anything right here), and I looked it up and the humidity was 25% - lol. I used to live in south TExas where the humidity wasn't under 90% but I can't stand it now.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  4. rain is needed all over... weather's all to pot...