Monday, July 19, 2010

At The Risk of Repeating Myself

What More Can I Say?

The weather continues to torment with heat and humidity. There were some showers this morning, but there was no significant improvement, except while it was cloudy and raining. Aside from thunderstorms to liven up the atmosphere, things to do not look promising for days.

The Boys seem to think the stalls with the fans are the preferred place to spend the day, although once and while they venture out for a nibble of grass, or, in Chance's case, a fallen apple. 

I did go over to the barn where my friend Christina is boarding to see her new horse, Juan.  Actually, Juan is her husband's new horse. He is a gray Arabian and cute as a button.  As you may recall, Christina is an endurance rider and I believe her husband has some aspirations to do some distance riding himself.  When they went to visit a friend, they met Juan and I guess it was love at first sight.

Needless to say, with the heat, I did not see Juan work, but from what I've seen of the pictures, he is one of those rare creatures--the perfect husband horse.  Even better, he an JJ, Christina's horse, are getting along like gangbusters and have bonded already after only two days of knowing each other.  They are adorable out in the pasture together and, although JJ was acting a bit jealous that we were paying attention to Juan first--after all he was the reason I'd gone over there--they are a good match. 

Not much else to report on the horse front. Or anywhere else. I have been swimming regularly and yesterday upped my laps by five.  I don't know if I'll keep that up as ten seem just fine, but every now and then I like to challenge myself.  The reward is always a few rounds of the lazy river which is really relaxing. 

As long as the heat is on, that seems to be the story.  Not much else to say for now.


  1. This summer sure has been brutal for you! Glad the swimming is going well and keeping you cool as well:)

    Hope your knee is staring to feel better.

  2. You've certainly had the summer of excess heat! It's been hotter than normal here too but I think not as bad as where you are. Stay as cool as you can!

  3. I only wish I had access to a pool too. This weather is gross. We had t-storms too and this afternoon an added bonus of hail to compliment the thunder and rain. Doesn't look good around here for the rest of the week either.

    Juan sounds like a dream horse. Glad you got to see him. Hope they have lots of fun with him on the trails.

  4. As long as you have the swimming available, summer can't be that bad. I am very aware of how much summer is left, a bit worried about the heat Tetley will have to endure in Colorado, and I figure there is only a month left of the worst.