Thursday, July 08, 2010

A Bit Cooler

But Only Because of the Clouds

If the sun were out, it would be brutal.  The humidity is fairly high too, so that makes it even worse.

But on the good front, I did put the Rubbermaid storage shed together for my garbage cans.  It was easy in theory, but the pieces were kind of big, so that required some extra physical effort on my part. And one piece is a bit stubborn about staying in place, although I THINK I may have finally gotten it locked in place.  The two recyling bins and the garbage can fit inside nicely so Raccoon Raider may finally be foiled.

That will not deter Opossum Purloiner who greeted me in the barn last night when I went out for late feed.  This is not good as I don't really want such furry folk in the barn as they can spread disease. There's not much
I can do, however, as my barn is too open to keep out such visitors.  I will just make sure the feed is safely locked away and that the hay is kept clean as well. It is a worry, though.  I will need to do some research to see what I might be able to do to discourage my invader. Hopefully just keeping all the edibles locked up will eventually deter him.

The Boys seemed to be enjoying the brief sapite from the hot sun.  When I was banging the little shed together, they got all stirred up and came a-galloping into the front paddocks to see what all the bother was about.  I'm sure once I recover from the shed effort and take the bin inside the barn to put it together, they will "snoopervise" that procedure too.  I must admit horses are rather easily entertained by rather ordinary events.  Then again, perhaps they just enjoy watching me work while they simply stand around.

Uh-oh.  The sun has just come out.  Maybe I won't be putting the bin together...unless I wait until dark.

More to come?  We shall see.

I'll post some pics when the other computer comes back. Not sure I can do it with this one.


  1. the bbc posted some photos of people in DC, NY and (I think it was)Philadelphia finding relief from the heat in fountains, fire hydrants and running hoses...

  2. The bins sound like a good idea. I'm not fond of extra critters in the barn either. But then we do have our foxes playing in the riding arenas every night.

  3. Keeping food locked up is probably the best approach. However the horses always drop some when they eat and that might be enough to attract your little critters.