Friday, July 09, 2010

There Was a Breeze

Finally a Bit Of a Break

Not much accomplished today.  My Tour de France viewing took up the morning.  Then I am not too sure where the bulk of the day went.

I did go swimming later in the afternoon, after I'd fed the Boys.  I had considered going to buy some fly masks for them too, but decided to wait until tomorrow.  It is national riding helmet day and the tack store is offering 20% off and I may want to get a new helmet.  So I figured taking only one trip there this week would make more sense.

Last night I did manage to get the second bin put together, but it's not in the barn yet.  No point in doing a whole lot about it until I sort....again...the blankets and sheets I need to either repair or wash and store in the bin.  It's plastic, so if it rains, it will be fine outside.

After my swim, the breeze seemed to have picked up, so I went out to lunge.  The breeze wasn't strong enough. The deerflies and other biting bugs were not discouraged.  I finally took Chance back in the barn gave him a good fly spraying and then put on the fly mask I use when I ride and then took him back out to finish up the lungeing session.  He was a good boy despite the bugs, but I didn't bother with the other Boys after that.

Instead, I spent about an hour poo picking the riding arena.  And getting attacked by the darn deer flies myself.  When I went to dump the wheelbarrow and had to pass through some weeds, I really stirred up the bugs and was even more pestered.  Horrid things.  I got most of them before the actually bit me, but they are so annoying buzzing around my face and hair.  No wonder the horses get so antsy.

Darkness was closing in as I finished the arena.  There's a 50% or better chance of rain on the weekend, so I'm glad the arena is clean.  If we do get the rain I can drag it again and that will help the footing a bit.  At least we will have a little respite from the dust.

So, I accomplished something today after all. It certainly wasn't much too productive, but a nice 10 laps in the pool, three times around the lazy river, one horse lunged and a poo picking riding arena isn't too bad for a summer day.

At least it was something.


  1. You got a lot accomplished for a hot day. Those flies are just the most annoying little buggers.

    Maybe we horse folks should get together and design a fly mask for humans!