Monday, July 05, 2010

The Boys Were Out

To My Surprise

The Boys were out in the pasture during the early afternoon. This was a bit of a surprise as it was VERY HOT today.  But perhaps outside was more airy than inside or there might have been a bit of a breeze out there.

The temperature on the garage in the full sun was reading 120F, so you know it was hot.  That is not a typo.  The saving grace was that the humidity was not horrible but it promises to increase as the week goes on.  We seem to be stuck on the weather, but it does have such an impact on what the horses and I do, or rather don't do.

I did go for a swim.  I waited until around 4 PM, figuring the families of mothers and children would be heading home for dinner by then.  They were, but there was a long line of people at the pay for the day window waiting to get in.  I have a membership card, so I had no wait at all.

The pools were all crowded, but for once, the lifeguards were enforcing the lap lane rules and I managed to get in my laps without too much interference by non-swimmers.  It was nice and cooling and the walk back to the car wasn't too bad as I had gotten a parking place in the second aisle of cars.

That just about sums up my accomplishments for the day.  I did, of course, watch the Tour de France in the morning.  Crashes today and yesterday are taking their toll on the riders and tomorrow, there are several stretches of cobblestone pavement which is supposedly very hard on bike racers and their bikes.  A few guys have already gotten hurt and had to drop out.  That is always sad to me as these racers have trained all season for this big race.  It must be so frustrating for them.

I've bought two Rubbermaid bins--one for my garbage and recyling cans and one for some of the blankets in the barn--but so far they are in huge boxes in the back yard, waiting for me to assemble them.  I, in turn, am waiting for some kind of tolerable weather to work in.  The boxes are far too big to come into the house so that is not an option.

Maybe, if it cools off at night, I could do some work out there then as I do have lights.  Or, I could do the early morning rise.

We'll see. Right now I am once more a bit short on motivation.

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  1. Glad you at least got a swim in to cool off.

    Our herd is spending the days indoors under their fans and are on night turnout until the weather breaks. This is miserable. It sort of saps the energy and motivation right out of you.