Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fiddle Dee Dee

And Phooey

I got home from school a bit late because I went to vote in the school board elections first.  When I got there, my neighbor was finishing up some repair work on my one riding tractor/mower.  He had it running nicely but was having the same trouble I have had with the mower deck's stopping now and then.  We talked about it all for a while, taking up more time, so I ended up feeding the Boys, figuring I'd go out to work someone a bit later. 

When I did go out, I could not resist some mowing so I managed to mow most of the front lawn before the darn deck stopped working again.  There has to be something wrong with the switch mechanism or something.  It's running beautifully, though, so I can use it for other chores and simply mow when it works. I do have another riding mower to use instead, so it's not a big deal, although I do like the way mower #1 cuts the grass much better. 

When I went out to the barn, the horses were hiding inside, trying to escape the mosquitoes.  I was going to lunge Chance but he was clearly not happy with the prospect of going outside.  Instead I put the flysheets back on everyone.  I'd taken them off the other night to replace them with regular sheets because it was cold out.  Then, Monday, it was chilly and a bit windy so I left the sheets off altogether, as I did today.  But tonight was another story.  The bugs were back in force.

The very wet early spring has created a perfect breeding ground for the biting pests.  I do have fly predators for the flies, but nothing to really do much about the mosquitoes.  I do have a fogger, but I think I need some new insecticide for it.  If these darn pests keep up at this intensity, I will start spraying.  I honestly don't know what else to do to keep them at bay and give my poor Boys some respite.

I guess this means I need to work the horses before the sun starts to get low in the sky as that's when the little bloodsuckers seem to come out in numbers. 

I'll also have to stock up on my Mosquito Halt horse spray.  The Boys hate the smell, but the stuff does work.



  1. Anonymous8:30 PM

    We've not got the mosquitos yet, thankfully. I use Mosquito Halt too, although I hate how it smells and that it's clearly very toxic.

  2. I hate those biting little buggers too. I hear we're in for it this year too because of the wet spring. The only natural thing I've ever heard of for taking care of mosquitoes is purple martins, but you have to put up a special house for them at just the right time of the year to attract them. I keep meaning to do it every year but never get around to it.

    Good luck with the mower.

  3. am glad you are all alright !

    Mosquitoesare really a plague. Ours bleed the horses ears. It is a nightmarre.

    I do not know the natural predators of mosquitoes ???

  4. The mosquitos are out in force down here, too. I don't think I've ever seen them this bad this early in the year! I'm wishing for one last freeze to kill the little buggers off.

    Mosquitos and broken mowers, isn't the rural life fun? *G*

  5. Our barn is right on the river, and mosquitoes are always a problem (though the nice river valley breeze that is pretty much constant helps!). We have bat houses up in several locations, and if I ride at twilight I can watch them come out and get to work. They sure keep busy! Fun to watch too. Hate to think how bad the bugs would be without them.

  6. I wonder if a cold winter boosts the mosquito population. I have noticed that northern climes have much worse bug problems. Think of the poor caribou in Alaska in the summer. Not fair - bugs or snow - not good choices.

  7. I've seen some isolated flies, but no mosquitoes yet. Yikes. Your poor boys.