Saturday, April 03, 2010

Why Do I Do This?

Shopping Spree

OK, so I met my friend Shelley for breakfast.  This was in North Brunswick.  We had a nice time, then parted, each heading off to get a haircut. 

On my way, I stopped at Kohl's Department store, thinking I might find a short sleeved top to go with my Easter outfit since the weather has turned decidedly warmish.  It took a while to cruise the store's racks where I found two tops--one for Easter, and one for summer.  But I still wasn't quite sure I'd formed the right ensemble.

I got my haircut and stopped at the Mall in East Brunswick--which is conveniently east of North Brunswick as well as east of South Brunswick where I live.  That was a mistake of sorts since I went into Macy's and found a beautiful yellow blazer that fit perfectly.  I also found two more tops on sale, fine because one matched the new blazer and the other one matched a pair of pants I had a home. 

Next stop was the tack store to see if they had new cheek pieces for Toby's bridle--destroyed yesterday by Tucker's and my foolish mistake after we were back in the barn.  He hooked it on the door while trying to scratch his head and I pulled him away before I realized he was hooked.  He panicked and the bridle snapped.   Anyhow, I found them as well as a nifty lightweight rain jacket on sale.

Think I'd be happy?? No.  I'd seen another top in Kohls but they didn't have it in my size. So after a fruitless Internet quest on their website, I decided to drive to the other Kohl's over in West Windsor which is south of all the Brunswicks and about a half hour away.   Well, I lucked out there and found the top I wanted in a good size, a really pretty summer dress on sale, and another top I fell in love with--all at good sale prices.  I managed to find the nearly perfect Easter top in another store at that mall and finally, as the afternoon was fast fading, headed home. 

I made a quick stop at Wendy's for a chicken sandwich only to have to wait while they cooked the darn thing, and managed to get home just in time to feed the Boys. 

Since I've been hiking around stores all day, my knees are totally done in so I gave up the idea of riding once again. 

I am a relentless shopper when I am on a quest.  In this case, it was to find a patterned top that had blues and yellows in it to match the yellow blazer and the navy blue pants I will be pairing it with.  I was going to wear a green sweater set, but the change in the weather discouraged me from that, so I had switched to a blue blazer with the pants--until I found the luscious yellow blazer.  It is much "springier" and will brighten my Easter morning perfectly.  I am a bit superstitious and always wear new clothes Easter morning, just to start off fresh on that special day. 

Amazingly, I did not spend a fortune on all my purchases mostly because of all the super sale prices.  And, when I got home, I found I had another 15% discount card from Kohls which I can apply to the prior purchases from the second Kohls store by going to my local Kohls with my receipt.  (My local Kohls had already given me the disount as a courtesy.)  Obviously that will be my excuse to go back to the store on Monday after I go to the chiropractor. 

And, Oh, yes, I have a $10 cash voucher for the store as well.  Guess I will be spending that on something!! *G*


  1. Why do we do this? I think it might go back to childhood. I remember always getting a new outfit for Easter every year. And it is Spring and it is warm and it is Easter and ... let's face it we all like new clothes. You should have gone for some new shoes too. Sounds like you will look very spring like in your new clothes. Hope the knees feel better tomorrow. Happy Easter!

  2. It sounds down right Patriotic to me! If everyone went out to support the local economy we would all reap the benefits. Happy Easter to you.

  3. I am laughing as I am reading your blog. Some people are just born shoppers. I haven't a clue so if I need something I bring a good work friend of mine who is an expert.

    Happy Easter!

  4. You're so productive. I have to do all my shopping in one fell swoop, then I'm totally done.

    Unless it's horse shopping, of course.

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