Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kitty Takes Center Stage

And It Was Raining Anyhow

My kitty, Reggie, took up the evening as I had to take him to the vet.  His little tongue had been hanging out on Sunday and he was not really eating.  I suspected an abscessed tooth, and I was right. 

The embarrassing part for me was that it was his canine tooth (little fang) in the front that was causing the main problem.  It was so loose it had shifted and was catching on another tooth so he could not completely close his mouth.  Poor little tyke.

Fortunately the vet had an opening for a dental surgery today (Tuesday) so I left Reggie to spend the night and get his teeth taken care of.  The only problem is the expense.  We are inching up towards $1000 for the surgery and care.  This does include potential extractions, but still!  My own dental insurance only covers $1500 a year for my teeth.  I don't think I've had a dentist bill for more than $200 at a time for me.

While I do understand Reggie will need to go under full anesthesia for his surgery, the cost is still pretty staggering.  To top it off, one of my other kitties will need a teeth cleaning soon too and I figure, with no extractions, it will still be around $500.  If he needs any additional work, that will, of course add to the costs. 

My friend had to take her cat in to the vet this week as well.  Essentially they found nothing wrong, even though the kitty was not eating, and it cost her $500 for the visit and tests. 

With the economy struggling as it is, how many people are unable to care for their pets?  I haven't seen the bill from the vet for my horses yet, and it will be added to when Tucker gets his Xrays, but I've usually found that bill to be less than a kitty visit to the vet. 

Don't know what the deal is here, but it is going to put a big hole in my pocketbook, that's for sure.  Every time I get a little ahead, something happens to put me back behind.  Good thing I am teaching for now and earning a little supplemental income.


Hopefully Reggie will be just fine and come home tonight.  I think the other kitties missed him.

I know I did.


  1. O_o !!!! So much. Are they taking the mickey?
    Two years ago, I took Cat 2 to the vet for an abscess on her back. They operated her and made 7 stitches O_o she still has a long scar on her back. IMO it was not necessary. I cannot remember the cost, so it must not have been as much as Reggie. But come on!!!

    So this year, I did not do any jabs. They live inside, or potter in the garden, but they have no contact with others cats. I buy very expensive cat food, top quality, monthly anti-flees/ ticks/ parasites etc... I stop my care there. If they need surgery we will go, but no more vaccins, they were ridiculously pricey!

    Vets seem to take the mickey at times ...

  2. sometimes small animal vets charge more because they are used to people who think money is no object and they can, therefore, get away with it. large animal vets, especially those who also deal with farmers, are used to dealing with people who are more pragmatic in their caring for their animals and know they can't rip people off...

    but vets can earn more than lawyers, you know...

  3. Glad to hear that Reggie is going to be okay. I think that price is outrageous and the small animal vets should really consider the economy and their clients. Personally, I think they are taking advantage of people who love their pets and want to do what's best for them.

  4. It is sad but true that some veterinary care decisions for our pets are influenced by economic realities.
    I also hate how expensive it is after a cat or dog is put to sleep, based on limited "disposal" choices. I paid several hundred dollars for the old kitty to be cremated and returned. She came back in a mahogany memorial box, which I never requested, complete with bronze plaque. All I wanted was to scatter her ashes in the garden at home. It was so hard to open the damn box that I put it in back of a cupboard and tossed her out when we later moved. My Dad was returned in Tupperware wrapped in brown paper. It had a screw-top lid and was most practical.

  5. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Hope Reggie does well. My experience has been that small animal vets are much more pricey, and also much more inclined to "push" services, than large animal vets - my horse vet costs (usually) are usually less than those for my cats and dogs - and they make house calls!