Friday, April 16, 2010

Quick Post on a Gloomy Day

Ouchers Off and On

I gave Tucker a quick lunge last night.  He started off just fine, looking quite sound and striding out nicely on his shod feet.

Then, he suddenly started limping.  The only thing I can figure for the moment is that he stepped on a stone with his previously bruised sole and made himself sore.  I did not press the point with him, so I'll see how he is tonight.  I would like to start riding him, but I don't want him feeling miserable when I do. 

Rain and storms were threatened for this morning. So far, where I am, not much has materialized.  I feel a little bad because I did close off the pasture before I left because I always worry with lightning and the hill out there.  The Boys tend to think its great to stand out there, exposed on top of the hill,  as the dark clouds gather and thunder starts to rumble.  They'll be fine without that grass to nibble as the paddocks around the barn have a little grass as well.  And, of course, they have a nice bit of hay to keep them occupied. 

So much for now.  More, probably later.


  1. Hope Tucker's feet are okay when you get home tonight. Stone bruises are no fun.

    We had the vet out for spring shots a few days ago and Dusty has a stone bruise so she's got her foot wrapped with Animalintex(spelling?) and rest for five days. Then she's getting front wide web shoes soon. She hasn't had shoes in years and now she needs them. Did I mention I hate rocks.

  2. Poor Tucker! That Animalintex is great stuff. I've used it many times and works great. Keep some "in stock" JIC.

  3. animalintex, and keep it in place with a disposable nappy (diaper) and vetwrap...

    probably is just a bruise, but not what he needs just now!

  4. I hope Tucker is OK!

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