Saturday, April 17, 2010

It Rained

But Tucker Didn't Give a Nod

It was raining off and on when I got home yesterday.  I'd locked the Boys out of the pasture fearing thunderstorms--which never arrived some fifteen miles away at school. 

When I got home, I opened the gate and Toby and Tucker decided to frolic on out to nibble on the "almost not there" grass.  As Tucker trotted past, he looked perfectly sound.  He was going on a straight line, of course and the ground there was pretty soft with no stones, so it's not a 100% test, but a good one for now.

Today I have a chiropractor appointment and need to go for feed, so a further test will have to wait.

And the skies keep changing from clouds to sunshine, so I don't quite know what's going on weatherwise.  Either way, I should have a soundness report later.

Oh yes, ever the "I'm busy doing something else, " Chance realized the other Boys had gone out into the pasture about two minutes later and flew by in a mad gallop to get out there too.

He looks fine. *G*

Evening addendum:
When I got home from the chiropractor, the tree men were here in force.  I had to put the Boys out in the pasture so the tree guys could dump the pine chips in the paddock. 

And riding was certainly not a likely option with all the noise and commotion.

So I headed off to the feed store and detoured to the mall on the way home.  I arrived back here in time for evening feed in blessed silence.  Looks like Sunday will be just as noisy, since the trees are still not quite done. 

Ah, well.  Sometimes plans just don't work out as planned. 

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