Monday, April 12, 2010

Aw, Gee, The Bugs Are Back

Bumpy Boys

Tucker and Chance are showing bug bite bumps.  It looks like mostly mosquitoes, but definitely annoying. 

So, I went out to put flysheets on everyone.  A few minutes task?  Not with my Boys. 

The first challenge was finding the flysheets in the pile of sheets and blankets.  Then, I had to try to figure out which ones fit whom.  Then, from the fit selection, I had to sort out the ones that really were in sound enough shape to protect against the mosquitoes and which were too damaged.  I did sort out the regular sheets, not all the flysheets.

I had two brand new fine mesh sheets, in proper sizes, but the darn things were cut far too high in the neck for the big Boys.  One fit Chance, so he's wearing one now.  One of the orange ones fit Tucker and a blue texilene mesh one suited Toby.  When I have a bit more time to rummage, I'll sort through the inventory and settle on a better combination later--perhaps on the weekend. 

But the time was also consumed by Toby who just absolutely decided he was not going to let me catch him.  He's been a problem off and on for years about this and when he gets a notion that he doesn't want to be caught, well, then it turns into a marathon. 

I finally chased him into the riding arena, locked him in by himself and, in short order, he gave up and let me put the halter on. I caught and released him about ten times, making a fuss over him every time he was haltered.  I doubt it will do much good in the long run, but at least today he submitted.  I've worked with catching him before and had moderate success, but with Toby, things don't exactly last.  He is a smart boy and not prone to learning by rote.  Still, it was worth the effort. 

So now, at least, all three Boys are protected somewhat from the biting bugs.  I would have hoped we'd have a month of freedom from those pests, but alas, it was not to be. 

Spring is too quickly passing into summer. 


  1. I've heard we're going to have a really bad mosquito problem this year because of the wet/warm weather so early. Seems the little buggers are hatching and multiplying fast.

  2. I think it will be at least two months before we see bugs in Oregon...they are never too bad anyway. I remember growing up in Minnesota...we called the mosquito the state bird:-).

  3. That's funny - the mosquito the state bird.

    Aww, Toby just wants to have some fun!

  4. You didn't even get a decent break from winter before the bugs came. I'm sorry. That really sucks.