Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tucker Is Lame


Tucker is dead lame on his right front leg.  I could not find any heat or swelling anywhere, but he is dramatically lame at the walk. 

This leads me to suspect a hoof abscess as the most hopeful cause.  There is no noticeable heat in his foot, however, and I did not feel a heavy pulse.  But if it is just starting to act up, symptoms my yet develop. 

Of course there are numerous other possibilities as to the cause so I just have to play the wait and see game for other indications to show up.  But he did not react when I palpated his entire leg, elbow and shoulder, so the foot is the most likely problem.  I would not be entirely surprised as that was the leg he limped on once in a while the few times I worked him since he was reshod.  Could be that his very slight and erratic "off" strides were due to some bruising or even the start of an abscess. 

The one plus is that my vet is already scheduled to come Saturday morning, which is good timing--if there can every be good timing for something like this. 

At any rate, my familarity with vets seems to be continuing at a pretty constant pace.  They and my bank account are having a close acquaintance. 

Good thing I am teaching at the moment....small but helpful paycheck.


  1. Hopefully the vet will get to the bottom of this problem and you'll know what you're up against. Good luck.

  2. wondered - can you not get insurance for vets bills ver your side of the pond?

    hope it is just an abcess!

  3. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Does sound like an abscess - let's hope that what it is. I'm with you on the vet costs - Maisie and I are on our second visit this week with another to come next week.

  4. I have read that bruising can cause abscesses. Good luck on that.

  5. Horrible. Keep us posted.

  6. Poor Tucker! I hope he feels better soon. It's always so frustrating when they come up lame for no apparent reason. Sometimes I wish they could talk. But then, I might not like what they have to say. *G*