Sunday, April 25, 2010

Big News!!

Rosie Has a New Home!!

The fun plan for this afternoon was to go to Rutgers University's Agriculture School and attend the young horse auction.  Each year, students in the equine management program take on young project horses to learn handling, feeding, care skills.  At the end of the school year, the youngsters are auctioned off to the public. 

Stacie was looking for a companion mare to keep her new dressage mare company and also for just a fun all-around horse she could enjoy for trail riding and just pleasure riding.  She went to look at the young horses last month and fell in love with Rosie, an American Mustang captured in one of the BLM roundups. 

Today was the auction.  Stacie had her top price all planned out, and I was with her to stop her should she get carried away with the bidding if she decided she still wanted Rosie.

It's a good thing I don't have room here for another horse, because there were at least two geldings I would have bid on myself.  And the prices were wonderful!! While I do wish the school had raised more money on the sale, every horse eventually was sold with super prices for some really quality young stock.  All of them had good basic ground handling and amazing care over the year.  They really were NICE horses.  Each one also had a beautiful leather halter donated by Purina Mills with an engraved brass nameplate. 

Well when Rosie came in, there was just a small bidding war between Stacie and another buyer, but it didn't take too many bids before the deal was settled, and just around her max price, Stacie has now become the owner of Rosie.
As you can see, she is quite a pretty little girl.  She is around 14.2 or so now and still has some growing to do.  But Stacie is only 5'4" herself so she will fit this girl just fine.  Rosie is only 2 years old, so it will be a while before she is ready to be ridden.

There is, as it turns out, a trainer/owner who has horses just one road over from me and who is an expert with mustangs. So I am sure we will be able to work something out when it comes time to put Rosie under saddle.  In the meantime, Stacie takes super care of her horses and has all the basic skills to continue the groundwork.  I can hardly think of a better home for Rosie or a more deserving owner than Stacie.

It turned out to be a really great afternoon!! Despite the rain and the cold ....yuck.


  1. What a satisfying way to spend a day. Win, Win all around.

  2. Rosie is a beauty! It's always so good to hear a BLM mustang found a great home. Good luck to Stacie and Rosie. What a rewarding day.

  3. That mare caught my eye when they first posted them. If I were in the market for a baby, she's probably the one I would have bid on. One of these days I'm going to get up there for the auction, it's a great cause and they certainly train those babies right. Congrats to Stacie!

  4. She is very pretty! I have known a few mustangs and they were surprisingly well behaved and very smart.

  5. Anonymous7:00 AM

    Very cute mare - congrats to all concerned!

  6. What a lucky lucky mare! She looks a bit chubby for my taste. We keep our horses slimmer.
    But she looks lovely.

    A lucky mare to have you as a Godmother!

  7. she'll be good when she's ready - street smarts and good training, a good combination