Friday, April 09, 2010

Phooey With the Boots

Tucker Was a Good Boy

Darn hoof boots rubbed Tucker on the coronary band, but he worked through it anyhow.  I feel bad about it, because I think he was trying to tell me something was rubbing when I put the boots on.  But he put on a brave front and still gave me a nice lungeing session.

The weather took an abrupt turn last night, with temperatures dropping back into the 40's and 50's F.  The day may have warmed up to around 60, but it was damp for the bulk of the day.  Thunderstorms had come through during the night and it was still raining a bit in the morning. 

The arena was in good condition, though, so I decided to lunge Tuck.  Aside from the boot issue, he did some really nice work with lots of exercises over the cavaletti, and then some jumps.  I put up a combination with one stride in between just for some variety and he did really well.  It does kind of tease me a bit to see how well he jumps, as I think he could have a nice career in the hunter arena. 

Just for fun, on the last few passes through the combination, I put the second fence up to a bit under three feet, to give him a bit more of a challenge.  Once again, he was marvelous.  He jumped with relaxation, good form, and a positive attitude.  He made it look easy and it seemed he was enjoying it--especially the praise for a job well done. 

I am trying to track down some gaiters for the boots, but I have also decided he really does need those front shoes.  Scott has been trying to get out here all week, with no luck.  He hopes he might be able to drop by on Sunday.  If so, we want to make it in the afternoon, so I can be here to play with Mic.  Scott feels the same way  as I think Mic's devotion to sitting by my back door waiting for me to come out bothers him too. *lol*

At any rate, the barefoot experiment has come to a close.  I have seen virtually no improvement in Tucker's sensitivity since we took his shoe off.  While he is OK for turnout, he is far too "footy" to ride without protective boots.  If next winter shows itself to be similar to this past one, I will consider pulling his shoes again, but for now, it's just not worth not being able to ride and train him. 

By the by, both Tucker and Chance are on diets.  And both are on magnesium.  I am also going to pick up some low carb feed this weekend. 

The fat Boys need some slimming down, that's for sure. 

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  1. Tucker sounds like he had a great time with his session today. It's too bad the experiment didn't work but some horses just need shoes while others don't. I hope you're there for Mic too he probably misses his pal to play with.