Thursday, April 08, 2010

Descending Order

At Least In Height

I managed to ride all three Boys today.  I didn't get in the saddle until the afternoon as I'd spent the morning working on getting the car inspected. 

There is a new motor vehicle agency just about two-three miles away from here.  It used to be just an inspection station, but now they have the full agency with licenses and registrations, etc.  It just opened yesterday.  But, to get there, I had to detour to the highway, going at least three to four miles out of my way.  They are putting in a traffic light at one intersection of my road and had the cross road I needed to take closed.  *sigh*  I managed to get there however and renewed the registration on both my horse and utilty trailers as well as my car. 

I would have gotten the car inspected right then and there, but there was a fairly long wait in line, so I headed to the Quick Lube to get my car's oil changed and then headed home.  I had some lunch watched a bit of golf on TV--Tiger Woods' return--and then headed back for inspection.  This time the line was almost non-existent, and my car sailed right through with no problems.

Once back, I changed clothes and went out to the barn.  I caught Tucker first and took him out on his nice little trail ride in the woods.  I did not put his boots on, mostly so that he would be a little less energetic out there.  He was more interested in where he was putting his feet rather than being silly, so we had a really nice ride.

Then, since he was in his stall, I managed to get Toby next and took him out on the same ride.  We did have one huge spook, right into a sapling.  I'm not sure where we would have ended up if the tree hadn't been there, but it did stop his momentum.  Otherwise, he too gave me a lovely ride.

Downsizing to Chance was ideal as I didn't have to lift the saddle up quite as far to tack him up. *G*  Needless to say, he was virtually perfect on the trail, and once again, we had a lovely hack through the woods.

It was hot again, though not quite as hot as yesterday and there was a good breeze to ease things a bit.  The breeze also discouraged the gnats so we were not really bothered by bugs this time out. 

No hosing today as all the Boys needed was some sponging off under the saddle and girth area. 

Once again, a good time was had by all!!

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