Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chilly and Windy

And So, So Tired

I'm sure you'll get the point here.  I didn't ride....again.  It really was cold and windy, so that kind of put me off.

And I had to stop at the pet food store on the way home to stock up on:  cat food, turkey food, squirrel food, and bird food.  Getting there was a hassle as I had to exit one highway to get on another and the traffic was all backed up.  It's been bad around here lately.  All I can hope is that more people are working and that's where all the cars are going. 

I got the bill from the horse vet yesterday.  Three horses, dental work, first round of spring vaccines, Coggins test, sheath cleaning, and tranquilizers--vet comes to my house, and it cost right around $800.  That is darn close to what one cat visit with dental work cost.  (Slightly lower on the cat only because he didn't have double extractions.)  THREE horses v.s. ONE cat!!  Wish my horse vet worked on cats.

One of the teachers here at school has a vet she insists keeps his prices low, so I am going to check there for Scooter who also needs a dental cleaning.  Otherwise, he will have to wait until my cash flow starts flowing again.  *sigh* 

The horse vet is coming back on Saturday to finish up the Spring shots and take Tucker's hock X-rays, so I will have a bigger bill, but the hocks are something extra, so I am prepared for that.

In the meantime, I will just have to tighten my belt a little more than I'd planned.  I still need to get the barn roof fixed where the water is getting in because of the solar panels. Otherwise, I don't anticipate any other big expenses for a while.....but one can never quite anticipate the unexpected.

Now, let's see, just where did I put that lottery ticket???


  1. I was expecting the sticker shock to be the vet bill for the horses but next to the cat, you're right, it doesn't look that bad. Still it sounds like you're single handedly doing your part to support the local vets. Dollars like that are scary stuff.

  2. Wow, that is so expensive for the cat! Our last "small" pet was a 75 pound chocolate lab who cost us a fortune in vet bills. Maybe we will just keep a horse from now on. Who can afford those kinds of prices!?

  3. gotta eat more beans this month!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond