Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kittyback and Horseout

All Is Well At Follywoods

The vet called me at school before Reggie's surgery asking whether or not I wanted him to do an EKG. Reggie has a heart murmur and he was concerned about the anesthesia.  This, of course would add to the costs.  I finally decided against it.  Reggie needed the surgery so if the test indicated he wasn't fit to be operated on, what alternative was there?  Anyhow, everything was fine.  Reggie had his front two canine teeth extracted and the rest simply cleaned.  (What does a cat need canine teeth for anyhow?? *JK* If they were feline teeth...well that would be another matter.)  It's kind of strange to me that those two teeth were abscessed while his back ones, where you'd think the tartar would collect were fine. 

I brought him home last night with a 14 day packet of antibiotic pills.  He's still not quite back to his old self and his little pink tongue is hanging out a bit--I guess his gums are pretty uncomfortable.  Hopefully he'll feel much better in a day or so.  And, the surgery cost about $200 less than the estimate, so I was somewhat relieved.  At least I got a little break. 

Meantime, on the horsie front, because I had to go pick up Reggie at an odd hour, I didn't work the Boys.

But they, in their clever way had managed to entertain themselves just fine.  When I'd left in the morning, I'd turned Tucker out in the riding arena by himself because the ground was so wet from all the rain we'd had.  The footing in the arena is sand and he's far less likely to pull a shoe off out there than in the mud of the paddocks. 

When I got home from school, he was out, happily grazing in the front paddock with his pals.  What???

I strolled out to the arena to look things over.  Sure enough the top rail on the fence near the gate had been lowered, leaving about a 2'6" jump over the second rail for an escape route.  Apparently Tucker decided to take it.  I guess teaching him to free jump has its downside. *lol*

One does have to wonder who exactly engineered the breakout.  I do tend to suspect some collaboration with Chance on this one since he and Tucker were sparring over the fence line when I left in the morning.

I guess I will have to secure a few more rails the next time I have to limit the big boy's turnout.  At least he managed to get some exercise on his own. 

Saved me a lungeing session. *G*


  1. Good to hear that Reggie is okay. And isn't it nice that they know how to exercise themselves when you don't have the time! Clever boys.

  2. So Tucker must feel well, for jumping :-) what a cheeky horse he is!

    I am glad Reggie is fine, and that the cost was too high!

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