Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunny Sunday

Talk About Contrast!!

Last week the snow was blowing up a blizzard. Today? Almost "no coat" weather. Aside from a few piles left over from plowing, the snow is completely gone.

Of course, that means the mud is back. Tucker had to spend the day in the riding arena again. While it was wet in there, somehow it didn't seem as bad as I would have expected. The other two Boys were in the front paddocks. Since I spent the morning in church and went to lunch afterwards, I don't have much to report on what went on as far as play goes. All sheets seemed to be intact at any rate, so that's a good sign.

However, that is not true of the once rather expensive Classic Coverup Goretex blanket (Just to establish its quality here) Chance had been wearing during the early days of the snow storm. As you may recall, I found him naked one day and ended up dressing him in a brand new blanket I'd bought. I'd looked around for the blanket he'd lost and didn't see it anywhere.

Now I know why. White stuffing matches the snow. Now, mind you, the blanket was blue, with a gray quilted white there. Unless, of course, said blanket had been ripped. Or, shall we say savaged? If there hadn't been mud to negotiate back to the house for the camera I would have take a picture. I will still take one of the blanket remains, but the "scene of the crime" really deserved its own shot. I might try to reconstruct the sight, just for fun.

The blanket was torn to shreds with the white fiber filling all pulled out on top of the pile. One square piece, filling and all, was draped on the lower fence rail nearby. Once again, "Chance the Ripper" had claimed a victim.

I have seen Chance with fabric. He once stole my jacket and walked off with it. Before I could save it, he deliberate put his hoof on the body of it, and pulled on a sleeve until that ripped off. Then despite my screams of horror...well, "Hey, Chance, stop that!" He proceeded to take the other sleeve in his mouth, put his foot on the rest of the jacket and yank that one off as well. This was not an accident, but an intentional act. I've since seen him rip a sheet that way too so I always try to make sure the horse clothes are safely out of his reach.

Poor Classic Coverup. It was a really nice blanket. From the looks of it, I don't think there is any hope of repair. It may just be time for a proper burial.

It will be sad to say goodbye.


  1. Anonymous10:50 PM

    Scout is our blanket ripper, usually - most of the geldings have loose tail flaps or tears somewhere inflicted by "the mouth"!

  2. I love your horses, they are so full of personnality! LOL
    You really ought to clicker train!