Saturday, December 19, 2009

Still Waiting

Snow's On the Way

Just a dusting so far, but there are dire predictions for tonight for anywhere from 12-20 inches of the white stuff. I always care when this happens, but this time I care more. Due to my condition, I cannot shovel. While I do have the tractor with the front end loader, I'm pretty sure operating it is not exactly the best idea either. And, it has a chronic soft tire in front that needs air and carting the compressor over to fill it is also not on my list of "things I can do."

Which means....I am very likely to be snowed in should we get the predicted storm. I do have potential rescue parties on the horizon, eventually, however, so for once in my life I will just have to wait it out. I have plenty of hay and grain for the Boys and as long as I can slog through to the barn, they will be fine, which means I too will be fine.

Curious how, even in this advanced technological age, we are still easy victims of the weather. You would think mankind would lose some of its arrogance in the face of nature, but somehow we still think we can defy it. The recent global warming conference just accents our convictions that we are somehow in charge. The nations who refused to acknowledge the crisis seem to think their needs and progress surpasses any other needs the world may have to protect and defend the climate. How foolish to believe that humans have no responsibilty to treat nature with the respect it deserves. *sigh*

The Boys are hanging out on the hill corner by the trees out in the pasture, despite the weather. I dressed them in their winter blankets this morning--although I was much surprised to discover I had a rather limited choice of decent ones to use. They are fine in what they are wearing, but it looks as if I need to do some upgrading, sooner than later. Toby has a duct tape patch, Tucker has a broken chest strap, and Chance is a little snugger in his than he could be. I do have some alternatives, including some lighter weight blankets that I use under waterproof sheets, so it's not as if they will be naked at any point, but one good winter turnout for each one would be nice. I found some on sale that just might do, so perhaps I will place an order. I just my buy three of the same size if I do. Chance can use one size smaller than the big boys, but he can also wear the same size if need be. It would just make it easier sorting things out for the wardrobe.

I just put more of the lovely second cutting hay in the stalls should they decide to come in from the far reaches. I called them to let them know, but aside from pricking up their ears at the sound of my voice--a fair enough compliment from horses--they didn't seem too interested.

The snow seems to be starting up again. Apparently the storm slowed down a bit on its way up the coast and is arriving later than predicted. I might take a quick trip out to get some milk as the quart I have is a bit older than it should be. Other than that, I am in fine fettle for a stay in.

Did I say hate snow?


  1. I am sure it would not be a good idea for you to even try to run the tractor. Let someone else do it until you are better!!! If you have supplies, being snowed in can be a very pleasant experience. If the storm is moving slower than expected then you might get the higher prediction.

    We too in East Anglia are at the mercy of the weather. They do not do anything at all here! Nothing! The footpath from downtown to the indoor mall, about half a mile, and heavily used by all, including old ladies, moms with strollers etc is pure ice! You would think that they could lay in a supply of salt and sand for one or two snows. What are they thinking?!

  2. I'd recommend doing any chores now, before this storm hits! It started last night here, and hasn't slowed up since. We've got over a foot of snow.

    My guys have been in and out all day. I wish they'd stay in, but they seem to prefer eating snow to drinking from their buckets. Strange creatures.

  3. I hope you don't get hit too hard with the snow (or us either). We're all waiting too, it's the suspense that gets ya.

  4. Anonymous7:48 PM

    Hope you weather the storm well - call in reinforcements if needed and don't overdo. Weather rules, whether people are willing to admit it or not. Stay warm!

  5. Time for a good book.